Customer Rewards for The Climbers Shop

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How do I start earning Customer Rewards points?

Our Customer Rewards scheme allows you to earn points every time you shop with us. The points you earn can be used to spend on products both online and in store. You can spend your points as soon as they're on your account, so you won't have to wait around for your savings.

How do I join Customer Rewards?

Which of these statements suits you best?

This will be my first purchase with you

Simply create a new customer account on our website through our Log-in page.

Your Customer Rewards account will be automatically activated and you'll get a confirmation email as soon as you have some points.

You'll earn points on products you buy from this point forward and can spend them straight away.

I've shopped with you online previously

Your Customer Rewards account will activate the next time you make a purchase with us.

You will receive a confirmation email to tell you how many points you have.

I have only shopped with you in your store

If you've given us your details (including your email address) in store in the past your Customer Rewards account will be active and you can link it to a new account on our website. This means you can spend your points both online and in store.

Go to our log-in page and create a new account using the same email address that you gave to us in store. You will then be given the option to 'link accounts'. To do this you'll need to use the password you use at This was sent to you in your first Customer Rewards email. Once linked your points balance will show at the top of the page every time you log in.

When you sign up you'll receive a confirmation email, this will let you know how many points you have and give you access to

So what do I do now?

Part 1 - Your Customer Account on The Climbers Shop

  1. Login with your details for The Climbers Shop.
  2. Spend your points
  3. View order history
  4. Manage your The Climbers Shop contact and login details

Part 2 - Your Customer Rewards Account on

  1. Login with the details we email you when you create your customer rewards account.
  2. Check your points balance
  3. View your spending history
  4. Manage your contact and login details/

Help me! I'm stuck!

Don't worry. If you aren't sure on something and need a hand, feel free to call us on 015394 30122 or email and we will endeavour to resolve any issue you have.