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Outdoor Equipment Glossary

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Baffle The term given to a chamber in a down jacket or sleeping bag which contains a set quantity of down and stops it clumping to one place.
Bivi Bag A large waterproof sac that can be entered in order to sleep in. This is a more lightweight method of camping than using a tent.
Bivvy Bag See Bivi Bag
Bladder See Hydration Bladder
Ceramic Filter The part of a Water Filter which acts as a barrier to the impurities and parasites, thus filtering them out.
Climbing Pack See Crag Sack
Crag Sack A style of rucksack that is designed to be used for climbing equipment. It is often tough in construction and lacks any external accessories that could get caught on rocks or branches.
Daysac A bag that is small enough that it will carry just one days kit and provisions. The size is personal preference but normally ranges between 10-40 litres.
Dome tent A tent type that forms a dome shape. This design is generally very strong but can lake the space of a Tunnel Tent.
Down The soft downy feathers from a duck or goose used as high quality insulation in cold weather clothing. Down has the greatest warmth to weight ratio of all insulation methods.
Drybag A waterproof bag that normally has a roll top closure system. These are very handy for storing essentials when out in poor weather.
Dyneema A high density polymer material that has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio (far higher than most steel) and is therefore used to make some climbing equipment like slings.
Fast and Light A generally accepted term to describe a style of clothing and equipment that in minimalist in style and uses the lightest materials so that the use does not have to carry a heavy load.
Fill Power The measure of quality of down insulation. Expressed as a number (550, 600, 750 etc) it is the volume in cubic inches that 30g of down will occupy. The higher the number, the more lofty the down is and therefore the more insulating it is.
Flysheet The outer skin of a tent - made from a waterproof material.
Footprint A fitted groundsheet of a tent, specifically designed to be used with a particular tent.
Geodesic A Dome Tent design concept that uses the poles in arcs that cross each other to make a strong and stable structure.
Guy Runner A plastic item that allows the guy line to be tightened or loosened.
Hydration Bladder A rubberised bag with a drinking tube attached. The bladder can be stowed away in a rucksack leaving just the tube to drink from. A valve at the end of the tube stops the water from spilling.
Hydration Unit See Hydration Bladder
Hydrostatic head The measure of a fabrics waterproof qualities. Measured in mm, it is the height at which a column of water has to reach before a fabric starts to leak.
LED Light Emitting Diode - a form of light bulb that does not use a filament and therefore glows without heat and uses less heat. LED's use much less energy and should never need replacing.
Multifuel stove A type of stove that can be fueled by a variety of liquids e.g. Petrol and white gas, although some stoves will take even more variety.
Pedometer A device that counts the steps you make. This is a good way in which you can both keep track of your exertions and your estimated distance travelled.
Pole Loop A loop of cord or strap on the outside of a rucksack that can be used to hold a set of poles to the bag when not in use.
Sleep Mat A cushioned mat that can be slept on. These are normally either made from foam and rolled up or are inflatable and can be compressed.
Synthetic Insulation The man made alternative to Down - usually a matting of hollow fibres that act to trap a layer of warm air for insulation.
Tarp Short of tarpaulin, these are now lightweight sheets that can be strung up and camped underneath.
Trek Towel A small synthetic microfibre towel which can be stored in a much smaller space than a conventional towel yet still absorbs a large quantity of water.
Tunnel Tent A tent design that uses hooped poled in succession to create a tunnel shape. This design is more spacious but less stable that the Geodesic design.
Waist Pouch A small bag that is carried around the waist. Also known as a Bum-Bag (but that carries dodgy fashion images with it!)
Water Filter A device that can be use to filter any impurities or parasites from a source of water. Usually uses a pump and a Ceramic Filter, some also use UV radiation.


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