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New Polaroid Sunglasses In Stock

   Words by tcsh

   on 17/06/2010 10:26:20

Polaroid Without trying to jinx it, it is looking like we might just be on for a pretty good summer this year. So far this summer, we have had far more dry sunny days than wet and soggy ones here, and for the Lake District that’s pretty good going! (check the weather here) It’s therefore a good time to introduce a new range of sunglasses into the shop – Polaroid.

I know what you’re thinking, “Aren’t they the folks who used to make the instant photo cameras?”, well yes, technically they are. Although they are under the same brand, the sunglasses range is an independent wing which definitely stands alone as a brand. What Polaroid have done is take their expertise with camera equipment and optics and lend it to the world of eye protection, and they seem to have done it pretty well.

The main feature of the Polaroid glasses is their use of polarised lenses. If you’ve never had polarised ‘sunnies’ then you won’t know what you’re missing out on. As well as giving nice tinted view, they also reduce glare and protect your eyes eyes with at least Category 3 UV protection.

With the Polarised lenses, as the UV passes through the glasses, the rays are cleverly lined up which reduces the hazey impression that you can get on sunny days. This is a real bonus when out on the hills but is also much safer and more comfortable when driving or cycling. It also has the effect of cutting the reflections from objects, including water, which actually allows you to see through the water surface – perfect for watersports, fishing and wildlife watching.

The Polaroid glasses themselves come in a range of outdoor designs, and all at a pretty affordable price. We’ve had them in the shop for a few weeks now and have found them to be of a good level of quality and fit.

As well as general outdoor glasses like the P7021 Sport, the range includes glasses designed for specific sports.

As the name suggests, the Oxyquatics are built for aquatic pursuits such as kayaking, sailing, canoeing etc and feature a special layer of lightweight foam on the inside that stops water from entering your eyes when in the rapids. They also come with a head strap as standard so that you cannot lose them at a crucial moment.

With a special arm system that allows you to tilt them independently, the Sport P7000 and P7001 glasses are perfect for cycling when you need to vent some air through your lenses to clear them or cool your eyes, but you don’t want to remove them completely. With these clever versions you can just tilt the lenses forward with one hand and vent for a few seconds, and then tilt them back again equally quickly.

…and then, if you are a runner or someone who needs the lightest kit for your sports then the Vector P7007 will be your pick or the range. Weighing in at just 15g and with the facility to change the lightweight lenses, these are your real elite sports glasses ideal for runners, adventure racers, cyclists etc.

So, if you’re planning to spend any time this summer in the fantastic British countryside then remember to protect your eyes – even on hazy days – and what better way than with a pair of outdoor specific Polaroid glasses?

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