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Ice Axes

Ice Axes

An ice axe is an indispensable tool in the high mountains. It provides security on snow and ice, on narrow icy ridges and allow you to climb steep gradients. Combine two axes to make a climbing pair and they can take you to impossibly steep, vertical or even overhanging icy world.

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Black Diamond Fuel Ice Tool http://

The stunningly engineered Fuel Ice Tool from Black Diamond is designed to meet the demands of the modern winter climber.  Its advanced hydroformed shaft offers excellent rigidity and responsiveness.

Petzl Quark Ice Axe http://

The Petzl Quark is primarily a technical mountaineering axe, yet is incredibly versatile, at home on steep water ice and mixed ground as well as alpine faces.

Grivel Simple Double Spring Leash http://

The Grivel Simple Double Leash is a clever and lightweight design that is simple to use - all that is needed is your for you to add your own lightweight karabiner.

Petzl Glacier Ice Axe http://

The Petzl Glacier Ice Axe is a lightweight all rounder designed for glacier travel, trekking and winter walking. With high quality steel head and anodized aluminium shaft a with machined grip

Stubai Hornet Adze / Hammer http://

The Stubai Hornet Ice tools represent exceptional value for money and are ideal as a first set of climbing tools. Simple, tough and lightweight, with a leash included. 

Grivel Double Spring Leash and Biners http://

The Grivel Double Spring Leash 2.0 is an elasticated sling system for securing your ice tools when climbing. Particularly useful if you climb leashless

Edelrid Ronin Ice Axe http://

The Ronin Axe is a great winter walking and classic mountaineering axe, that's ergonomic,  nimble and versatile. Its lightweight construction make it suitable for winter backpackers & ski tourers.

Grivel Tech Machine Ice Axe http://

A technical tool for steep ice and drytooling, the Grivel Tech Machine is precise and well balanced. The radically curved shaft easily clears bulges and cauliflowers.

Grivel Air Tech Evo Ice Axe - Adze http://

Grivel's AirTech Evo Axe is one of the most popular mountain ice tools for good reason. With it's curved profile and forged steel head, this is versatile all rounder for alpinism and winter walking.

DMM Grippy Grip Tape http://

The DMM Grip Tape is 3 metres of rubberised self adhesive tape that allows you to customise the grip on your ice tools. Replace or repair damaged grips too

DMM Freedom Leash without krabs http://

Enjoy the benefits and freedom of leashless climbing without the risk of losing your tools with the DMM Freedom Leashes.

DMM Freedom Leash with Phantom Carabiners http:// Enjoy the benefits and freedom of leashless climbing without the risk of losing your tools with the DMM Freedom Leashes. Perfect for both beginner and advanced climbers tackling long committing routes and all round winter climbing.
DMM Cirque Alpine Hammer 50cm http://

The DMM Cirque Ice Axe is now available as  a hammer option for when the going gets steeper and two axes are required. A perfect pairing for lightweight semi technical mountaineering 

DMM Raptor Alpine Ice Axe http://

The DMM Raptor Alpine is a highly versatile tool for mountaineering, winter walking and classic climbs. Featuring a replaceable head, curved shatft and ergonomic grip

Petzl Grip Roll http://

The Petzl Grip Tape allows you to add extra grip on your ice tools and offers a degree of insulation too. Customise the grip zones on your ice axe handles to suit your climbing style.

Black Diamond Spike Protector http://

The Black Diamond Spike Protector keep the pointy bit at the end of you ice tool safe from causing any harm when in transit. It's held firmly in place with a stretch bungee cord

DMM Apex Ice Axe http://

The DMM Apex Ice tools are superbly balanced and weighted for steep hard ice and mixed routes. Can be used with leashes in traditional climbing mode, but excels without leashes for the more modern approach.

Petzl Nomic Ice Axe http://

The Petzl Nomic Ice Tool is a highly ergonomic and precise leashless ice tool for cascades, hard mixed and dry tooling - the Nomic is beautifully weighted and a joy to place

Black Diamond Slinger Leash http://

The Black Diamond Slinger is a single, lightweight piolet-specific version of our popular Spinner Leash. It features a stretchy tethering system to keep your ice tool attached without a wrist leash. 

Climbing Technology Ice Axe Pick Cover http://

Protect your gear from being accidentally damaged by your ice axe. The Climbing Technology Pick Cover goes over both the pick of your ice tool, and securely stays in place

Climbing Technology Ice Axe Spike Cover http://

The CT Spike Protector helps prevent damage or injury when transporting your ice tools. This simple but very effective design stays securely in place until you need to remove it. 

Blue Ice Bluebird Evo Ice Axe http://

A beautifully made ice axe, taking the successful design of  Blue Ice's Bluebird axe and adding a curved shaft, that is more efficient for plunging into deep snow and better handling. 

Blue Ice Bluebird Ice Axe http://

The beautifully crafted Blue Ice Bluebird Ice Axe features individually hot forged head and spike to maximise strength, and feature a special surface treatment to prevent rust.

Climbing Technology Alpin Tour G Ice Axe http://

The Climbing Technology Alpin Tour G is a great all round mountaineering tool, that's ergonomic, precise and well balanced. The curved shaft make plunging up steep snow slopes much easier. 

Climbing Technology Alpin Tour Ice Axe http://

The CT Alpin Tour Ice Axe is a superb all rounder and a great buy. With a strong, T rated, curved alloy shaft, a steel head and a wrist strap included, this mountaineering axe is amazing value for money.

Grivel Air Tech Racing Ice Axe http:// No Description Available
Petzl Summit Evo Ice Axe http://

Petzl have designed a superlative mountaineering ice tool with the Summit Evo, with a tactile and ergonomic hydroformed alloy shaft, rubber gripper and ultra strong forged steel head.

Grivel Reparto Corse Master Alloy Axe http://

The Grivel Master Alloy is from the newly launched Reparto Corse (Racing Development) range. This is a leashless tool designed for extremely steep ice, dry tooling and competition climbing, using the latest material developments from Grivel.

Grivel The Machine 3.0 Ice Axe http://

A revolution in ice tool design with a one piece, hot forged head and shaft.  The Machine 3.0 is a precision ice tool for steep technical ice, complex mixed terrain and competition climbing.

Stubai White Star Ice Axe With Gripper http://

The Stubai White Star Axe is a great all round mountaineering axe, that features a T rated shaft, forged steel head and rubber gripper on the shaft, all for a great price too.

Petzl Quark Adze 2010 old style http://

Spare Adze of 2010 model of the Petzl Quark ice axe. Ideal to keep for spares or replacements if you are heading out into the winter hills for a long trip.

Petzl Hammer Head http://

Petzl Hammer Head spare for use with New Quark, Nomic and Ergo tools.

Camp Neve Walking Ice Axe http://

A classic mountaineering axe, the Camp Neve Ice Axe combines style with performance with its ergonomic design and multi-functionality

E-Climb Cryo 2 Top Pick http://

The E-Climb Top Pick fits their Cryo 2 Axe and is reinforced with a nicely tapered tip for excellent ice penetration. It also has some pretty aggressive teeth for better grip during dry tooling.

E-Climb Cryo Hammer Two http://

The Hammer 2 from e-Climb is a replacement hammer for the Cryo 2 Ice Axe.  Made of Cro-Mo Steel, it features a bigger head for better performance.

E-Climb Cryo P Ice Axe http://

The E-Climb Cryo is the ultimate alpine axe, combining a totally modular design with innovations such as a built in belay / abseil device in the head

E-climb Cryo M Ice Axe http://

The E-Climb Cryo is the ultimate alpine hammer, combining a totally modular design with innovations such as a built in belay / abseil device in the head

E-Climb Cryo 2 Ice Axe http://

Designed for climbing on very steep dry-tooling type routes but also provides excellent performance on water ice and mixed vertical terrain.

DMM Switch Ice Axe http://

The DMM Switch is a great all round winter tool suitable for a wide range of climbing grades and styles.

Grivel Munro SA Plus Ice Axe http://

The Grivel Munro SA Ice Axe builds on the success of their earlier Munro with a host of design enhancements and tweaks to create a fantastic all rounder for hill walking and classic winter mountaineering. 

Grivel Lite Machine Ice Axe http://

The Grivel Light Machine is a precise, nimble mountaineering axe that is light, yet superbly balanced, with a beautifully weighted head. 


Black Diamond Venom -Tech Hammer http://

The Black Diamond Venom Tech Hammer is the perfect partner for the Venom Adze.  A great climbing pair for Scottish gullies and Alpine couloirs.

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