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Locking Carabiners

Locking Carabiners

When you need totally secure protection nothing beats a locking biner. Perfect for anchors and belay systems where safety is critical, these are essential additions to your rack. Check out our huge range of locking crabs here.
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DMM Boa HMS Carabiner http://

The Boa has gone on a diet, it's now 25% lighter than the original Boa HMS due to it's I-beam design, a feature that scoops out unnecessary and weight metal without sacrificing the krabs inherant strength.

Climbing Technology Pillar Pro SGL Screwgate http://

The Pillar Pro SGL is a hot-forged light alloy carabiner with an oval shape, screw gate and elevated workloads. Featuring the ACL system, stabilising it and preventing the possibility of cross loading when belaying.

Ocun Eagle HMS Screwgate Carabiner http://

New to the UK Market, Ocùn are an up and coming Czech Climbing brand producing superbly engineered climbing gear and carabiners in particular. 

Climbing Technology Pillar Pro Screwgate Carabiner http://

The Climbing Technology Pillar Pro is a locking oval biner, designed for an inline pull.  This lightweight carabiner is perfect for use with pulleys and for hauling. It is hot forged in light alloy to be strong, but light. 

Petzl AmD Screw-Lock Carabiner http:// The Petzl Am'D Screw-lock is a classic asymmetric D-shaped screwgate locking carabiner. Super versatile, this workhorse biner is perfect for any job where the added security of a locker is needed.
Petzl William HMS Screw-Lock Carabiner http://

The Petzl William Screwgate is a versatile HMS biner, with lots of internal volume for multiple knots or a munter hitch. Great for rigging belays. abseiling and top roping anchors

DMM Boa Locksafe HMS http://

The DMM Boa Locksafe is a classic all purpose large HMS karabiner. It's twist lock design makes it a quicker to use, and can even be operated one handed. A true workhorse biner.

Stubai Dwarf EL Accessory Karabiner http://

This tiny screwgate biner from Stubai is perfect for clipping keys, nut keys, approach shoes and other accessories to your rack. The Dwarf is not for climbing use. 

DMM Boa HMS 3 Colour Pack http://

The DMM Boa HMS, one of the best HMS biners around, is now available as a 3 pack of colour coded biners.  The colours help simplify systems, keep things organised at belays and make it easier for teaching novice leads.

Petzl Attache Screwgate Karabiner http://

The Petzl Attache is a lightweight mini HMS screwgate biner that's useful in all sorts of climbing situations

DMM Phantom Screwgate http://

With the Phantom Screwgate, DMM have produced the ultimate trad and alpine climbing Screwgate that is truly gossamer weight without any compromise to its strength or its handling qualities.

Wild Country Ascent HMS Screwgate http://

The Wild Country Ascent HMS is a great workhorse biner for a huge range of climbing applications. The large internal volume and generous gate clearance means its perfect for anchors and belays

DMM Ultra O Screwgate - Colour 3 Pack http://

The DMM Ultra O screwgate  has an excellent strength to weight ratio anc could be described as the perfect aid climbing biner. This coloured 3 pack allows for easy identification.

DMM Shadow Keylock Screwgate http://

The DMM Shadow Screwgate is a lightweight locking carabiner with a good sized gate and great handling properties.  Think of it as a bigger version of the DMM Phantom.

Climbing Technology Axis HMS SGL Carabiner http://

The Axis SGL HMS Carabiner is perfect for belaying duties thanks to the gate that locks the biner into your belay loop, keeping it correctly orientated at all times. Particularly good for novice climbers

Petzl OK Oval Screwgate Carabiner http://

The OK is an oval shaped locker designed for an in line pull, such as you find in belay anchor and pulley systems. Very strong, yet still very light, with a warning marker to let you know if the gate is not secure. 

Ocun Condor HMS Screwgate Carabiner http://

The Ocùn Condor HMS Carabiner is designed specifically for belay duties with an internal wiregate that keeps the biner correctly orientated and prevents it from rotating in the belay loop

Ocun Osprey Oval Screwgate Carabiner http://

Ocùn are an up and coming Czech climbing brand that produce some beautifully engineered climbing hardware. The Osprey locker is ideal for setting up anchor systems and pulleys, as it works brilliantly with an inline pull. 

Edelrid Pure Slider Carabiner http://

Offering better security than a standard snapgate, the Edelrid Pure Slider is a D shaped biner with an innovative locking catch to prevent the gate for being accidentally opened.

Edelrid Strike Slider HMS Carabiner http://

Coming somewhere between a locking biner and a snapgate, the Edelrid Strike Slider HMS features a locking catch the prevents the biner from being accidentally opened.

Edelrid Strike HMS SafeLock Carabiner http://

The first ever HMS carabiner with two independent, automatic locking mechanisms. Edelrid have combined their tried-and-tested slide-gate with a new spring bar mechanism to make the super-safe SafeLock HMS carabiner.

Grivel Mega Twin Gate Carabiner http://

The Grivel Mega offer the convenience and ease of use of a snapgate or wiregate yet with additional safety built in.  It can be used one handed (with a little practice anyway) and is quick and clean to use.   

Climbing Technology Pillar Evo Screwgate Carabiner http://

The Climbing Technology Pillar Evo Screwgate is an oval locking biner that's optimised for an in-line pull.  Perfect for use with pulleys and ascenders

Wild Country Ascent Lite Screwgate http://

The Ascent Lite is a mini pear-shaped biner from Wild Country that's useful for a wide range of applications.  Lighter than a full sized HMS, yet with a very useful internal volume for multiple ropes or hitches.

Petzl AmD Ball Lock Karabiner http://

The Petzl Am'D is a D shaped locking biner with Petzl Ball Lock system. Strong and light, this locking biner is suitable for a wide range of applications

Grivel Lambda Twin Gate Carabiner http://

Using Grivels revolutionary twin gate locking system the Lambda mini HMS biner, is a lightweight and compact rigging biner.  Perfect for rapidly constructing belay systems

Grivel Sigma Twin Gate Carabiner http://

No Description Available

DMM Ultra O Screwgate http://

The DMM Ultra O Screwgate is a classic big walling biner, although its a very useful bit of gear that should have a place on everyone's rack.  Ideal for crevasse rescues and setting up pulley systems.

DMM Zodiac Screwgate Carabiner http://

The DMM Zodiac is an offset D shaped I Beam carabiner that combines low weight with high strength.  A great all round rigging biner, designed for heavy use and for centres

Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner Keylock Screwgate Carabiner http://

The Black Diamond Mini Pearbiner is a small sized HMS carabiner ideal for belay duties and rigging anchors. It's increases internal capacity is ideal for accommodating several ropes

DMM Rhino Screwgate http://

A highly evolved and resilient creature.

DMM Ultra D Screwgate http://

The DMM Ultra D Screwgate is a super strong, classic locking biner that is endlessly versatile.  The open D shape gives a lot of internal space within the biner, which makes it useful for setting up belays

Edelrid HMS Strike Slider FG Carabiner http://

This HMS style biner has a autolocking gate, as well as a separate spring bar to ensure that it stays correctly orientated when belaying. Compatible with a huge range of belay devices

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