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Belay, Ascent and Descent

Belay, Ascent and Descent

Vital kit for safe climbing, your choice of belay device will depend on what sort of climbing you do and your level of experience. We stock a wide range of belay devices for all climbing disciplines.

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Climbing Technology Otto - Big http://

The CT Otto is a classic and timeless design. The Otto-Big is a large sized figure of eight, perfect for use with thicker diameter ropes from 9-12mm. 

Edelrid Jul 2 Belay Device http://

The Edelrid Jul2 is a great single rope belay device, with superb braking performance, and is effective with ropes from from 8.9mm right up tyo 11mm. The notch also assists emergency braking in a leader fall

Y and Y Belay Glasses http://

A novel solution to an age old climbers problem; Belayer's Neck. The Y & Y Belay Glasses give the belayer a vertical view while keeping their head horizontal, meaning no more stiff, aching neck from long periods of looking upwards.

Petzl Tibloc 2 Ascender http://

The Tibloc Ascender by Petzl is an ultra-light and very compact ascender for rope ascents, hauling systems or friction knot replacement in self-rescue situations.Weighing in at only 35g, you’ll barely notice it on your harness.

Climbing Technology Doble Belay Kit - Lobster http://

Combing the Doble Belay with the Snappy Screwgate, this set is very lightweight and works with single, half and twin ropes and is ideal for multitudes of climbing from indoor use to trad climbs outdoors.

Edelrid OHM Belay Device http:// The Edelrid Ohm is a clever assisted-braking device that helps alleviate the problems associated with belaying a significantly heavier climber. Ideal for climbing walls, this device acts as a runner on the first bolt of a climb...
Petzl Shunt http://

The classic Petzl Shunt is an emergency ascender that replaces a traditional Prusik knot.  It offers you an additional safety back up when abseilling and will grab onto the rope when pressure is released

DMM Beetle Belay Device http://

The Beetle takes over the Bug and now comes with greater holding power thanks to additional grooves. Hot Forged, this belay device is durable and affordable, making it an ideal choice for any climber.

DMM Beetle Belay Device with Belay Master 2 HMS Carabiner - Blue http://

A match made in heaven you could say? The DMM Beetle belay device combined with the DMM Belay Master 2 makes a great belaying team. Together they offer superb control and safety.

DMM Beetle Belay Device with Belay Master 2 HMS Carabiner - Red http://

A match made in heaven you could say? The DMM Beetle belay device combined with the DMM Belay Master 2 makes a great belaying team. Together they offer superb control and safety.

Black Diamond ATC XP Belay Device http://

Now 30% lighter than it's original, the updated ATC XP features an updated construction. A durable and versatile belay device featuring multiple firction modes.

DMM Cardiac Arrester http://

The DMM Cardiac Arrester is a clever, heart shaped figure of eight abseil device with two modes of friction; slick for fat ropes, less slick for skinny ropes

Black Diamond ATC Pilot Belay Device http://

An all-new geometry assisted braking device, the ATC Pilot introduces a system that provides an added level of security to your belaying, while allowing for smooth rope payout and is ideal at indoor climbing walls or single-pitch cragging.

Beal Escaper Abseil System http://

The Beal Escaper Abseil System is a retrievable rope anchor designed to let you travel a full rope length without leaving any gear behind.

Petzl Evolv Adjust Double Lanyard http://

This double lanyard system from Petzl is designed for aid climbing situations, to help position the climber for comfort, while offering and extra degree of safety. The Evolv Adjust features full adjustability from 15cm to 150cm.

DMM Aero HMS Kwiklock Carabiner http://

The DMM Aero Kwiklock HMS gives fast-acting security and makes a hearty companion for climbers who are gear and toughness oriented.

Petzl Grigri 2 Belay Device http://

Updated for 2015, the Petzl GriGri 2 is a favourite among sports climbers and those that want the added security offered by an assisted braking belay device. 

Edelrid Eddy Belay Device http:// No Description Available
Climbing Technology Click Up and Carabiner Belay Kit http://

The Climbing Technology Click Up is a modern belay device thats ergonomic and easy to use.  This belay kit also includes the Climbing tech Concept HMS biner which has a sprung bar retainer

DMM Sentinel HMS Screwgate - 2 Pack http://

This pack contains 2 of DMM's superb Sentinel mini HMS carabiners.  Perfect for rigging and belay, this biner is ultra versatile and a worthy adition to any trad or mountaineering rack

DMM Pivot Belay Device http://

The DMM Pivot is an innovative belay device that can be used in both direct (guide) and indirect mode. The Pivot has a very simple solution to the problem of releasing under load in guide mode - a pivoting hanger 

Wild Country Pro Guide Lite Belay Device http://

The Wild Country Pro Lite Guide is a trimmed down lightweight belay device designed to be used in both direct and indirect belay modes. 

Petzl Micro Traxion Pulley http://

The Petzl Micro Traxion is an ultra-light, super-compact, self-jamming pulley that can be used in almost any situation from crevasse rescue to self-belaying. 

Climbing Technology RollNlock Pulley/ Rope Clamp http://

No Description Available

Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device http://

The Edelrid Mega Jul is an amazingly light belay device designed to be used in direct and indirect belay modes.  Perfect for alpine and mountaineering routes

Black Diamond Index Ascender http://

A new breed of handled ascender - the BD Index features a trigger release for fast, effortless operation on hard-to-clean pitches and uses an ergonomic, dual-density grip to increase comfort for long days on the wall.

DMM Mantis Belay Device and Belay Master 2 Carabiner http://

The DMM Mantis combined with the DMM Belay Master makes a great belaying team. Together they offer superb control and safety. A match made in belay heaven. 

DMM Mantis Belay http://

The DMM Mantis is a high performance belay device, based on the same geometry of their popular Pivot device. Deep rope grooves offer excellent grip on ropes from 7.5mm up to 11mm. 

Petzl Tandem Pulley http://

Designed specifically for Tyrolean traverses with rope, the Petzl Tandem Pulley is smooth and efficient, with self lubricating bushes on the sheaves. 

Petzl Tandem Speed Pulley http://

Petzl's Tandem Speed Pulley is an efficient double pulley for travel along ropes and cables. Designed for lower-angle Tyrolean traverses, this double pulley is designed to be fast and smooth running

Climbing Technology Otto - Small http://

The CT Otto is a classic and timeless design. The Otto-Small is a compact figure of eight, perfect for use with ropes up to 10.5mm diameter.  Perfect for use with single, twin or half ropes.

Climbing Technology BE UP Belay http://

The Climbing Technology BE UP is a innovative multi functional belay device, that can be used in direct and indirect modes with ropes down to 7.3mm (half ropes).

Petzl Connect Adjust Dual Lanyard http://

The Petzl Dual Connect Adjust is a double lanyard that has a number of multi pitch climbing and mountaineering applications, and makes securing yourself onto an anchor a simple and speedy process. 

Wild Country Variable Controller Belay Device http://

The Wild Country Variable Controller is a true classic in UK climbing - using the versatile double slot design, Wild Country have made it so it has an angled design to 'vary the control' (hence the name!!). 

Black Diamond ATC Belay Device http://

With no moving parts or gimmicks there is nothing to break or go wrong, making the ATC as dependable a performer as you could possible ask for. Perfect for belaying single or double ropes (7.7mm - 11mm)

Petzl Oscillante Swing Cheek Pulley http://

Designed for emergency use, the Petzl Oscillante Pulley (or Swing Cheek Pulley) is small and light weight and therefore can be carried in case of rescues or the occasional unexpected haul.

DMM Belay Master 2 Carabiner http://

Totally redesigned in 2009, the ever popular DMM Belay master continues to set standards for safety and design, however now, due to it's I-Beam technology, it is much lighter.

Black Diamond ATC Guide http://

The Black Diamond ATC Guide is highly versatile piece of climbing gear for belaying, abseiling, or setting up direct belays. If you are after just one belay device to do everything then the ATC Guide could well be the one for you.

Metolius BRD Belay Package http://

With rope slots engineered to increase friction on the rope and therefore lighten the load on the belayer, the Metolius BRD is a versatile and lightweight belay and abseiling device which comes with a compact Metolius Element karabiner.

DMM Boa HMS Carabiner http://

The Boa has gone on a diet, it's now 25% lighter than the original Boa HMS due to it's I-beam design, a feature that scoops out unnecessary and weight metal without sacrificing the krabs inherant strength.

Climbing Technology Alpine Up Kit with HMS Carabiner http://

The Climbing Technology Alpine Up is possibly the most versatile and safe all round belay device ever devised.  It comes complete with a HMS Screwgate and is a must for any alpine or multi pitch climber.

DMM Pivot Belay Device and Rhino Carabiner http://

A match made in heaven. A combination of two advanced designs for safer and more efficient belaying, the DMM Pivot and the DMM Rhino Screwgate carabiner, work in perfect in harmony with one another. 

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