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Belay, Ascent and Descent

Belay, Ascent and Descent

Vital kit for safe climbing, your choice of belay device will depend on what sort of climbing you do and your level of experience. We stock a wide range of belay devices for all climbing disciplines.

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Black Diamond ATC XP Belay Plate http://

A true variable-friction device, the Black Diamond ATC-XP maintains the silky-smooth feeding of the ATC but ups the braking power.For belaying and rappelling with 7.7-11 mm ropes,

Petzl Fixed Cheek Pulley http://

The Petzl Fixe pulley with fixed side plates allows a hauling system to be set up when used with a mechanical ascender, or for movement along a tyrolean when used doubled.

DMM Figure of Eight http://

The DMM Figure 8 is a classic abseil plate ideal for centre and group use. Can be used for belaying too in more experienced hands

Y and Y Belay Glasses http://

A novel solution to an age old climbers problem; Belayer's Neck. The Y & Y Belay Glasses give the belayer a vertical view while keeping their head horizontal, meaning no more stiff, aching neck from long periods of looking upwards.

Climbing Technology Foot Loop http://

This adjustable single step etrier is made of robust polyamide. It is ideal for ascending when big walling and aid climbing. The CT Foot Strap is adjustable and has a contoured foot step.

Climbing Technology Foot Steps 4 Step Etrier http://

The CT Foot Steps has 4 contoured foot steps with abrasion-resistant inserts, two upper steps integrated into the top two steps, loop for top attachment and lower point for connecting a second etrier.

Climbing Technology Quick UP Belay Device http://

The CT Quick Up handled ascenders are light and easy to use. They come in both right (Orange) and left handed (Grey) versions

Petzl Verso Belay Device http://

The Petzl Verso takes the superb holding power and low weight of the Reverso and strips it down to the very basics.

DMM Boa Locksafe HMS http://

The DMM Boa Locksafe is a classic all purpose large HMS karabiner. It's twist lock design makes it a quicker to use, and can even be operated one handed. A true workhorse biner.

Edelrid Jul 2 Belay Device http://

The Edelrid Jul2 is a great single rope belay device, with superb braking performance, and is effective with ropes from from 8.9mm right up tyo 11mm. The notch also assists emergency braking in a leader fall

Petzl Connect Adjust Lanyard http://

The Petzl Connect Adjust is an easily adjustable cowstail designed for clipping into the lower off point, or for resting, on a sports climb. This useful bit of kit has a host of other climbing applications too

DMM Boa HMS 3 Colour Pack http://

The DMM Boa HMS, one of the best HMS biners around, is now available as a 3 pack of colour coded biners.  The colours help simplify systems, keep things organised at belays and make it easier for teaching novice leads.

Petzl Tibloc Ascender http://

The Petzl Tibloc is an ultra-lightweight ascender that is ideal for emergency situations to build hauling systems or as a Prusik-replacement in self-rescue situations.

Climbing Technology Mobile Double Pulley http://

The CT Mobile Double is a swing cheek pulley ideal for setting up pulley systems for climbing and caving. Dual clipping points provide wider versatility.

Petzl Ascension Handled Ascender http://

This lightweight handled ascender is perfect for climbing fixed ropes, and features an overmolded grip and ergonomic upper part for a comfortable and powerful grip when pulling with one or two hands

Grivel Ascender/Descender A and D http://

These handled ascenders/descenders from Grivel bring a whole new level of versatility when moving on fixed ropes. The A & D (Ascender and Descender) comes in both left and right handled versions

Edelrid Belay Station Sling Deluxe http://

The Edelrid Belay Station Deluxe is an innovative belay sling with an integrated belay plate for a quicker, easier and safer set up and management of belays. 

Wild Country Pro Lite Belay Device http://

The Wild Country Belay device is very lightweight, with V grooves to aid braking, especially with thinner ropes.  The Pro Lite can be used with either single or a pair of half/twin ropes, from 7.7mm to 11mm.

Petzl Shunt http://

The Petzl Shunt is an emergency ascender that replaces a Prusik knot and gives you an additional safety system when abseilling by backing up the abseil device

Petzl Dyneema Footcord http://

The Petzl Footcord is a lightweight dyneema foot strap for aid climbing which is easily adjustable.  Designed to used in conjunction with a ascender such as the Croll or Ascension.

Camp Solo Chest Ascender http://

The Camp Solo Ascender is designed to be used with a chest harness and compliments the Turbofoot foot ascenders. 

Camp Turbofoot Ascender http://

The Camp Turbofoot is a foot ascendor is designed to be teamed with the Turbochest ascendor, for speedy ascending on fixed ropes. 

Petzl Reverso 4 Belay Device http://

25% lighter than it's predecessor, the Petzl Reverso 4 now comes in at a miniscule 59g. This belay and rappel device is every rack's definition of versatile.

Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Kit http://

No Description Available

Black Diamond ATC Belay Device http://

The Black Diamond Air Traffic Controller (ATC) is a simple, and easy to use, belay device that will suit novice climbers as well as more experienced rock jocks. 

Climbing Technology Doble http://

The Climbing Technology Doble is an easy to use belay device that has no moving parts and nothing to go wrong. The double row plate can be used for a single or a pair of half ropes, making it seriously versatile

Climbing Technology Acles DX Descender http://

This caving descender is designed for use with single ropes and is made of light alloy. The Climbing Technology Acles DX Descender is equipped with a spring lock lever that allows to insert the rope without removing the harness carabiner

Climbing Technology Aigle Descender http://

The CT Aigle is a single pulley, swing cheek descender designed for Caving and canyoning. It can be used with both single and double ropes. 

DMM Rhino Screwgate http://

A highly evolved and resilient creature.

Edelrid Micro Jul Belay Device http://

Just like its bigger brother the Mega Jul, Edelrid's Micro Jul is an autoblock style belay device, designed to be used in direct and indirect belay modes.  It excels at handling modern, small diameter half and twin ropes.

Edelrid Jul Belay Device http://

The Edelrid Jul is an attractive belay device for single ropes. With a brightly covered synthetic cover, it prevents the annoying "jingling" on the harness and protects the skin on your palms when abseiling

Ocun Condor Hurry Belay Set http://

The Ocun Condor / Hurry combo of belay device and carabiner provide a very safe and easy to use belay set up. It's ideal for beginners, as the rear gate on the biner ensures the set up is properly orientated

Wild Country Pro Lite Belay - Gunmetal http://

The Wild Country Pro Lite belay device is very lightweight, and can be used with either single or a pair of half/twin ropes, from 7.7mm to 11mm. V grooves aid braking, especially with thinner diameter ropes.  

Petzl Grigri + Belay Device http://

The GriGri+ is an improved version of the classic Petzl GriGri auto belay device and will accept all diameters of single rope. It offers assisted braking, with an anti panic device that'll stop the device if released too quickly. 

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