In 1959 Frank Davies opened The Climber's Shop in Ambleside, Cumbria - one of the first outdoor shops in the UK!

For nearly 60 years now the Climbers Shop have offered the very best in climbing, mountaineering, hill walking and trail running gear at great prices, with expertise that's second to none.

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Climbing Technology

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Climbing Technology Whippy I Ice Axe Leash http://

No Description Available

Climbing Technology Wall Harness http://

The Climbing Technology Wall harness is a Jack of all trades. This adaptable all rounder is the perfect harness for anyone looking for a single 'do-it-all' harness to cover every climbing activity

Climbing Technology Fly Hook Adze / Hammer http://

The CT Fly Hook tools are well balanced and precise, perfect for cascade and mixed climbing. They're superb value for money too, with many features you'd only find on higher priced tools

Climbing Technology Ice Screw - 15cm http://

No fancy handles, whistles or bells - The Climbing Technology Ice Screw does exactly what it says on the tin, and at a great price . Hardened steel - 15cm

Climbing Technology Pro Grip Ferrata Glove http://

Climbing Technology's Pro Grip Ferrata Gloves are purpose made to protect your hands on Via Ferrata routes. 

Climbing Technology Classic K-Set Via Ferrata Set http://

A Classic Via Ferrata set up that uses a conventional KISA system (Kinetic Impact Shock Absorber).  The CT Classic K-Set lanyards offers a safe, durable and cost effective set up for the novice or serious Via ferrataist alike.

Climbing Technology Multi Chain http://

The CT Multi Chain comprises of full strength, linked slings to create a hugely versatile and safer alternative to a traditional Daisy Chain.  Each pocket is rated to 24kN and is ideal for belays and equalising anchors.

Climbing Technology Discovery Harness http://

The Climbing Technology Discovery harness is a classic 'centre' style harness, that's light, simple to use and very durable. Perfect for adventure parks, climbing schools and via ferrata.

Climbing Technology Orbiter T Double Pulley http://

The Climbing Technology Orbiter T is a double sheave, swing cheek pulley designed for hauling and rescue work. The large clipping eye at the top allows up to 3 carabiners to be used from multiple anchors.

Climbing Technology Click Up and Karabiner Belay Kit http://

The Climbing Technology Click Up is a modern belay device thats ergonomic and easy to use.  This belay kit also includes the Climbing tech Concept HMS biner which has a sprung bar retainer

Climbing Technology Rope Shield http://

Easy wrap-on rope protector to make sure that your major investment is protected! After all - your rope is, quite literally, your lifeline.

Climbing Technology Carved Chocks Set http://

A  big set of colour coded nuts in sizes 1-11 from Climbing Technology. A unique carved notch in the head of the nuts offers better placement in narrow or awkward cracks.

Climbing Technology RollNlock Pulley/ Rope Clamp http://

No Description Available

Climbing Technology Snow Digger Telescopic Shovel http://

The Climbing Technology Snow Digger is a handy and compact Snow shovel designed for alpinism and ski-touring. Perfect for snow holing and as a backup avalanche rescue tool.

Climbing Technology Accessory Mini Krab http://

The Climbing Technology Mini Accessory Biners are very useful for clipping accessories like nut keys, cameras or your keys. Not designed for climbing protection

Climbing Technology Falesia Climbing Backpack http://

The Climbing Technology Falesia Backpack is an incredibly useful and convenient climbing pack that is designed to carry your rope, plus other kit for a day at the crag.


Climbing Technology Whippy Y Ice Axe Leash http://

The Climbing Technology Whippy Y leash provides security for your axes without hindering movement .  The sprung Y leash links your ice tools to your harness, simply and  securely, giving you peace of mind 

Climbing Technology Lycan Semi Automatic Crampons http://

The Lycan Semi-Auto is a technical 12 point crampon that's designed squarely with alpine couloirs and steeper ice routes in mind. 

Climbing Technology Crampon Bag http://

No Description Available

Climbing Technology Nevis Classic 10 Point Crampon http://

These Italian made steel 10 pt crampons are ideal for mountaineering and winter walking.  The Climbing Technology Nevis Crampons are made for UK winter conditions and feature a classic strap binding with plastic bails.

Climbing Technology Nuptse Evo Semi-auto Crampons http://

The Climbing Technology Nuptse Evo Crampons is an great all rounder mountaineering crampon and represents amazing value for money. 

Climbing Technology Otto - Small http://

The CT Otto is a classic and timeless design. The Otto-Small is a compact figure of eight, perfect for use with ropes up to 10.5mm diameter.  Perfect for use with single, twin or half ropes.

Climbing Technology Otto - Big http://

The CT Otto is a classic and timeless design. The Otto-Big is a large sized figure of eight, perfect for use with thicker diameter ropes from 9-12mm. 

Climbing Technology BE UP Belay http://

The Climbing Technology BE UP is a innovative multi functional belay device, that can be used in direct and indirect modes with ropes down to 7.3mm (half ropes).

Climbing Technology Axis HMS Screwgate http://

This hot forged locking carabiner from CT is light and incredibly strong. The Axis Screwgate uses an accentuated double T profile for outstanding strength to weight, while the carabiner shape ensures correct orientation of ropes.

Climbing Technology Stark Helmet http://

The Climbing Technology Stark Helmet is a lightweight, well protected, and versatile helmet, made for crossing outdoor activites, from climbing and mountaineering to canyoning or caving.

Climbing Technology Nuptse Automatic Crampons http://

No Description Available

Climbing Technology Alpine Up Kit with HMS Carabiner http://

The Climbing Technology Alpine Up is possibly the most versatile and safe all round belay device ever devised.  It comes complete with a HMS Screwgate and is a must for any alpine or multi pitch climber.

Climbing Technology Nut Tool http://

This lightweight nut key from Climbing Technology uses hardened steel and comes equipped with an hexagonal housing for tightening the 17 mm nuts and with a bottle-opener loop.

Climbing Technology Otto - Medium http://

The CT Otto is a classic and timeless design. The Otto-Medium is a mid sized figure of eight, perfect for use with ropes up to 10.5mm diameter.  Perfect for use with single, twin or half ropes.

Climbing Technology Ascent Harness http://

The CT Ascent is a great all purpose harness, but it is particularly suited to trad and winter climbing. Broad padded waist and leg loops spread the load and give amazing comfort and support. 

Climbing Technology Fly Weight Pro Quickdraw Set - 12cm http://

At just 54g for the entire quickdraw the FlyWeight Pro from Climbing Technology has to be one of the lightest quickdraw sets available. Made for routes where every gram may make the difference between success and failure

Climbing Technology Fly Weight Pro Quickdraw Set - 17cm http://

The FlyWeight Pro from Climbing Technology has to be one of the lightest quickdraw sets available. It's designed for routes where every gram can make the difference between success and failure.

Climbing Technology Groove Belay Plate http://

The Climbing Technology Groove is an alpine style belay plate and descender, and can be used for direct belays with one or two climbers. 

Climbing Technology Eclipse Helmet http://

The Eclipse from Climbing Technology is a multipurpose helmet for women and children designed for mountaineering, climbing, vie ferrate and adventure parks.

Climbing Technology Pillar Pro SGL Screwgate http://

The Pillar Pro SGL is a hot-forged light alloy carabiner with an oval shape, screw gate and elevated workloads. Featuring the ACL system, stabilising it and preventing the possibility of cross loading when belaying.

Climbing Technology Pillar Pro Screwgate Carabiner http://

The Climbing Technology Pillar Pro is a locking oval biner, designed for an inline pull.  This lightweight carabiner is perfect for use with pulleys and for hauling. It is hot forged in light alloy to be strong, but light. 

Climbing Technology Anthea Harness http://

The Anthea is a versatile and incredibly comfortable women's harness designed for multi discipline climbers who want a 'do-it-all' harness. It features adjustable leg loops and dual buckles on the waistbelt

Climbing Technology Orion Helmet http://

The Orion is an ultra light helmet with loads of ventilation and great adjustability. It's suitable for just about any climbing and mountaineering activity, offering superb protection and comfort. 

Climbing Technology Fly Weight Alpine 60cm Quickdraw http://

This extra long trad extender is ideal for mountaineering applications and for protecting roofs and traverses. The CT Alpine Fly Weight Quickdraw comprises of 2 Fly Weight Wiregates and a 60cm Dyneema sling. 

Climbing Technology Fly Weight Pro 22cm Quickdraw http:// This seriously lightweight quickdraw features two of the exceptional Climbing Technology Fly Weight wiregates and a 22cm x 10mm Dyneema Extender. Ideal for extended runners on wandering multi pitch routes
Climbing Technology Foot Loop http://

This adjustable single step etrier is made of robust polyamide. It is ideal for ascending when big walling and aid climbing. The CT Foot Strap is adjustable and has a contoured foot step.

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