In 1959 Frank Davies opened The Climber's Shop in Ambleside, Cumbria - one of the first outdoor shops in the UK!

For nearly 60 years now the Climbers Shop have offered the very best in climbing, mountaineering, hill walking and trail running gear at great prices, with expertise that's second to none.

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Compston CornerAmbleside Cumbria LA22 9DS
Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance

Fulfilling the needs of serious distance runners and short distance fun runners alike, Ultimate Performance make running gear and running accessories that make your training or competitive running more comfortable, making waist packs, water bottle holders, nutrition packs and more.
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Ultimate Performance Wristband http://

Classic terry towelling wristbands perfect for high energy sports and outdoor pursuits, allowing you to wipe the sweat away from eyes, forehead and arms, while reducing sweat dripping into your hands when working hard. 

Ultimate Performance Sport Balm Extra Strong http://

This combination of herbal ingredients and carefully blended natural oils provides penetrating warmth.Easy to apply and offers fast, effective relief from muscle and joint pain.

Ultimate Performance Cold Gel http://

This soothing gel is ideal for treating minor sports injuries, to reduce the swelling and pain from strains, aches and bruises. 

Ultimate Performance Kielder Handheld Bottle http://

The Kielder bottle fro Ultimate Performance is ideal for trail runners who prefer a clutch bottle to a hydration pack or waist pouch for their in-run fluids. The Kielder features a handy pocket and an adjustable wrist strap.

Ultimate Performance Reflective Wrist Runner http://

This handy zipped pocket straps around your wrist so you can store keys or money, while also providing essential low light safety with its wide reflective band.  It also features a pull out ID tag in case of an emergency. 

Ultimate Performance Clip-On LED Strobe Light http://

The Ultimate Performance™ Clip-On LED Strobe Light attaches to clothing, backpacks or anything you can think of to help keep you safe and visible in low level light conditions.

Ultimate Performance Runners Bottle 580ml http://

This ergonomically shaped water bottle is perfect for shorter run as a means of hydrating, without carrying a hydration pack or waist bottle. Light, comfortable and easy to drink from on the move

Ultimate performance Zinc Oxide Tape http://

Zinc oxide trainer's tape.

Ultimate Performance Glastonbury Phone Carrier http://

Stay connected to your tech when out running with the UP Galstonbury+ Phone Carrier. Perfect for runners who love to listen to their music and run a sports tracker app. This armband phone carrier can accept bigger smartphones

Ultimate Performance Reflective Race Vest http://

Stay visible in all weathers. A close fitting hi-viz vest for low light running from Ultimate Performance.

Ultimate Performance Open Patella Knee Support http://

Neoprene open patella knee support for sports and activity.

Ultimate Performance High Force V2 Belt Pack http://

The UP Highforce II is a hydration belt designed for easy access on the move and zero bounce when running. The updated version 2 has an elasticated belt for improved comfort and less movement of the pack on the body.

Ultimate Performance Stockghyll Force II http://

The Stockghyll Force II waist pack from Ultimate Performance allows you to carry both water and an energy drink or gel, and some small essential items on longer training runs. All with minimal bounce and maximum comfort

Ultimate Performance Race Number Magnets http://

Four super strong double sided magnets that are designed to replace safety pins when putting your race number on your vest, tee, jersey or jacket. They won't puncture the fabric, are extremely secure and stops you from jabbing yourself

Ultimate Performance Neoprene Ankle Support with Straps http://

A shaped neoprene ankle support that provides compression and warmth, giving relief and aiding recovery from conditions such as Achilles Tendonitis.

Ultimate Performance Patella Knee Strap http://

The Ultimate Performance  Patella Knee Strap provides compression and support, helping to relieve patella tendon pain. It's ideal for relief and prevention of patella pain associated with running and jumping.

Ultimate Performance Hot Dots http://

These highly reflective stickers can be used on all sorts of kit from bike helmets to packs to trekking poles, providing additional safety when out at night, dusk and dawn. Sticker sheet includes a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ultimate Performance Reflective Snapband http://

Be safe, be seen. Keep yourself visible during your evening runs with this simple to use reflective Snapband. No velcro, no poppers or buckles; just slap it across your arm, wrist or ankle and it will snap around and stay in place. 

Ultimate Performance Re-usable Elastic Bandage http://

Useful for treating all manner of sports related soft tissue injuries, the Ultimate Performance Re-Usable Elastic Bandage provides compression and support for immediate post injury treatment and during recovery

Ultimate Performance Titan Runners Pack http://

This bounce free belt pack from Ultimate Performance is perfect for those little essentials you need on your run, such as phone, keys and a gel or two.  It keeps things snug to your body and has a port for your headphones too.

Ultimate Performance Runners Bottle 300ml http://

The Runners Bottle from Ultimate Performance is a handheld water bottle that's easy to carry and drink on the move from.  Convenient and lightweight for training with a 300ml capacity.

Ultimate Performance Cord Locks http://

Perfect for all sorts of applications such as securing laces and adjusting drawcords. These coloured cord locks are ideal accessories for runners, cyclists, walkers and climbers

Ultimate Performance Elastic Laces http://

Replace your standard lace with these bad boys and you'll be pulling on your running shoes in half the time. They won't come undone and they'll flex with your foot too.

Ultimate Performance Ultimate Elastic Knee Support http://

The UP Ultimate Elastic Knee support provides compressive support to unstable knees and to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis.

Ultimate Performance Elastic Ankle Support http://

A lightweight neoprene ankle support from Ultimate Performance that offers light level1 support.

Ultimate Performance Elastic Knee Support http://

A simple, low profile compression knee support from Ultimate Performance. 

Ultimate Performance Race/Nutrition Belt http://

The Ultimate Performance Helvellyn Number & Nutrition Belt is an innovative system that allows you to carry nutrition gels and secure you race number on one simple, easy to use, lightweight belt.

Ultimate Performance Instant Cold Pack http://

The Ultimate Performance Cold Pack provides instant cold therapy for soft tissue injuries.  Punch the pack to activate and then apply to the injury site to reduce inflammation and pain. An essential addition to your first aid pack

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