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Compston CornerAmbleside Cumbria LA22 9DS

Ultimate Direction

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Ultimate Direction Groove Mono Belt http://

The UD Groove Mono Belt is perfect for training runs, where you only need minimal kit and possibly some fluids. The main stretch pocket takes a soft flask, gels or a windproof top.

Ultimate Direction Womens Ultra Vesta Pack http://

The Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta has been tweaked and improved with more capacity, yet with less weight. This is the benchmark for women's running vest packs. 

Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest 3.0 Pack http://

Weighing even less than it's predecessor, the version 3.0 of the UD Peter Bakwin Adventure Vest has more capacity making it the perfect adventure running pack. With lots of pockets this vest pack keeps everything to hand. 

Ultimate Direction Groove Amp Clutch Bottle http://

This super lightweight clutch bottle is soft and comfortable in the hand, with a minimalist strap system to keep everything secure. The Ultimate Direction Groove Amp features pockets for energy gels and for electrolyte tablets too

Ultimate Direction Womens Meow Waistpack http://

This neat little waistpack is a great accessory for short, medium and long runs. The UD Meow is women's specific and is designed to carry your run essentials such as a phone, keys, cards, energy gel and possible a light windproof top.

Ultimate Direction Womens Wink Pack http://

A women's multi activity, lightweight, body hugging day pack with a 7.4 litre capacity.  The Wink pack is perfect for long day runs, ultra marathons, fast hiking, summer scrambling or mountain biking. 

Ultimate Direction Womens Clutch Bottle http://

The Ultimate Direction Clutch is a women's soft clutch bottle that's  very comfortable in the hand and features an ergonomic strap system that keeps everything secure without it becoming uncomfortable on long runs

Ultimate Direction Womens Adventure Vesta Vest Pack http://

Ultimate Direction's Adventure Vesta pack takes the success of their Ultra Vesta women's pack and adds some extra volume, making it ideal for for year round runs in the mountains 

Ultimate Direction Wasp Pack http://

The Wasp is a multi activity, lightweight, body hugging day pack with a 9 litre capacity.  Its perfect for long day runs, ultra marathons, fast hiking, summer scrambling or mountain biking. 

Ultimate Direction TO Race Vest 3.0 Pack http://

The Timothy Olsen Race Vest 3.0 is a streamlined, body hugging vest pack, with minimalist features to carry your ultra race essentials. With a 5Litre capacity and multiple pockets

Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest 3.0 Pack http://

The UD Scott Jurek Ultra Vest is now in its 3rd generation, with this latest version boasting 2 x 500ml soft body bottles, greater storage options and over a 30% reduction in weight over its predecessor. 

Ultimate Direction AK Mountain Vest 3.0 Pack http://

Designed with Anton Krupicka, this is version 3.0 of his signature series vest pack. The original version was minimalist in the extreme, whereas this new version provides lots more capacity as Anton's running has evolved.

Ultimate Direction Handy 20 Clutch Bottle http://

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