In 1959 Frank Davies opened The Climber's Shop in Ambleside, Cumbria - one of the first outdoor shops in the UK!

For nearly 60 years now the Climbers Shop have offered the very best in climbing, mountaineering, hill walking and trail running gear at great prices, with expertise that's second to none.

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Whether you're looking for a simple hand torch, a high power sophisticated LED headtorch or a bright camping lantern, we'll have something to suit your needs.

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Robens Lighthouse Lamp http://

The Lighthouse Lantern is a new addition to the Robens range of lanterns and is a powerful and compact lantern with up to 1000 lumens of power.

Luci Candle Solar http://

The Luci Candle Solar is a portable, packable and lightweight lantern with a candle-like effect that uses the sun to recharge meaning no batteries are required.

Black Diamond Ember Power Lite http://

This clever little torch can also power up your other digital devices.  The Ember features a 150 lumen torch, but also features a USB connection to provide auxiliary power for mobile phones, MP3 players or tablets

Black Diamond Moji Lantern http://

The BD Moji is an extremely simple, bright and compact camp lantern that features a durable construction and an impressive100 lumens of power 

Petzl Core Rechargeable Battery http://

The Petzl CORE is a high capacity 1250mAh Li-Ion USB Rechargeable battery designed for Petzl range of Hybrid headtorches. A far more sustainable and environmentally sensitive power source than disposable batteries 

Petzl Actik Core Headtorch http://

The Petzl ACTIK CORE comes with a USB rechargeable battery, has a whopping 350 lumen max output and is ultra compact, making it the ideal companion on all sorts of adventures. 

Black Diamond Spot Headtorch http://

The Black Diamond Spot has long been a great headtorch, and it's been improved for 2017 with a maximum output of 300 lumens. Tough and reliable, the Spot still sports the innovative PowerTap technology and is fully weather sealed

Black Diamond Astro Headtorch http://

The Black Diamond Astro is a compact and versatile LED Headtorch, that is powerful enough for climbing, hiking or skiing after dark, yet small enough to stash in your pocket or pack when not needed. 

Petzl Zipka Headtorch http://

Using Petzl's clever retractable cord system, the ZIPKA headtorch is one of the most compact headtorches out there. It belts out 200 lumens of brightness, enough to light up 60metres ahead; amazing for such a light and compact unit.

Black Diamond Revolt Headtorch http://

The Black Diamond Revolt has been redesigned to be waterproof and lighter weight, as well as boasting 300 lumen max output. The Revolt is ready for any nighttime mission

Petzl e+Lite Headtorch http://

The Petzl e+Lite has evolved and is now more powerful, yet still as compact and lightweight. Designed as an emergency back up torch, the e+Lite can be stored for 10 years in its case, ready for any situation. 

Munkees LED Tent Lamp http://

This mini lantern is ideal for camping and can be clipped to pretty much anything thanks to it's carabiner clip. The Munkees LED Tent Light is water resistant and gives you 40 lumens of softly diffused light

Munkees LED Carabiner http://

Munkees create a range of novelty accessories designed for outdoor people. The LED Carabiner is just as its says; a keyclip accessory carabiner with an integral LED light. The perfect companion for finding keyholes in the dark

Lifesystems Intensity 105 Headtorch http://

This superb value for money rechargeable  headtorch offers a bright 105 lumen beam and amazing battery life. The Lifesystems Intensity 105 is ideal for hillwalkers, campers, Duke of Edinburgh Award Candidates or Cadets.

Lifesystems Intensity 220 Torch http://

This high power hand torch is ideal for lighting up the darkest night. Ideal for use around the campsite, at home or in the car, the Lifesystems Intensity 220 Torch is small but powerful and with a full metal body, incredibly tough too.

Black Diamond Icon Headtorch http://

The Icon is Black Diamond's most powerful headtorch, designed for serious users who want serious power. It boasts a 500 Lumen max output and waterproof construction, making it ideal for night searches in extreme conditions

Black Diamond Storm Headtorch http://

The Storm Headtorch is an ultra bright, compact light, that is ideal for nightime trail runs, mountain navigation and negotiating your way around a dark campsite. It features Powertap technology for effortless dimming control

Black Diamond Apollo Lantern http://

The big brother of the Black Diamond Lantern family, the Apollo, is a perenial favourite for car campers, family campers and expeditions. When you are looking for maximum light in a compact package then this is the lantern for you. 

Black Diamond Voyager Lantern http://

The Black Diamond Voyager Lantern is a compact and powerful little lamp, that's ideal for camping and nighttime bouldering duties. It provides 360o of diffused lighting, or it can also be used as a 50 lumen torch

Black Diamond Orbit Lantern http://

The Black Diamond Orbit is a scaled down version of their popular Voyager lantern, and offers the same versatility in a pocket sized package. This is a great choice for minimalist backpacking and lightweight trekking

Black Diamond Moji Lantern http://

The Black Diamond Moji is a compact little lantern that's ideal for camping, picnics, barbecues, emergency car repairs or in the home. Very powerful for such a small unit, it is simple to operate with just one button.

Biolite PowerLight Mini http://

Combining the functionality of a lantern, torch, safety light and a phone charger, the Biolite PowerLight Mini is a 'do it all' light ideal for all sorts of applications in the the home, on the campsite or on your bike. 

UCO Micro Lantern Neoprene Cocoon http://

This stretch Neoprene cover offers impact and crush protection for your UCO® Micro Candle Lantern. It acts like a soft bouncy cocoon, that'll help prevent glass breakage, sctratches and dents in transit.

Inova T3R Tactical LED Rechargeable Torch http://

The Inova T3 Tactical LED Torch is a ultra high power handheld flashlight designed for use by emergency services, military and rescue teams. It is build like a tank and blasts out a whopping 234 lumen beam, ideal for nightime searches.

Inova LED Squeeze Light http://

This compact little light is ideal to keep with your keys or in your bag. The Inova LED Squeeze Light features push button activation, just squeeze for instant light; perfect for finding keyholes or any dropped items in the darkness.

Nite Ize 3-in-1 LED Mini Flashlight http://

Combining a lantern, a flashlight and a safety light, the Nite Ize 3-in-1 LED Mini Flashlight is useful for all sorts of jobs and a perfect 'just in case' torch to have around the home or in car glovebox.

Inova XS LED Torch http://

The Inova XS is a tiny, high quality, metal bodied LED torch that packs an impressive 80 lumen output. It's the perfect size for keeping in your glovebox, pocket or handbag 

Inova X1 LED Torch http://

The Inova X Series X1 LED Torch is a powerful handheld unit, blasting out 80 lumens. Precision engineered using anodized aircraft grade aluminium , this torch is built to last and last. 

Inova X2 LED Torch http://

The Inova X2 is a compact, high quality LED torch that packs an impressive 190 lumen output. Made with machined aircraft grade aluminium, this torch is light, powerful and very tough

Petzl Noctilight Case http://

The Petzl Noctilight is a tough storage case for your Petzl headtorch, that also converts it into a lantern for area lighting. A great lighting solution for camping and backpacking.

Petzl Reactik/Reactik+ Battery Pack http://

This battery pack gives you the flexibility to use standard disposable AAA batteries in your Petzl REACTIK/ REACTIK+ headtorch. A great backup option for the ACCU Rechargeable battery pack

Petzl Tikka/Zipka Pouch http://

A handy and compact carry case for your Petzl Tikka / Zipka / Tikkina headtorch.

Petzl Nao+ Headtorch http://

Petzl's flagship headtorch, the Nao, has been improved to new heights with the introduction of the Nao +.  It now features a massive 750 lumen max output, reactive lighting and Bluetooth connectivity

UCO Pika 3 in 1 Lantern http://

The UCO Pika Lantern is a versatile little LED lantern that's perfect for camping, backpacking and home use. It converts to a 150 lumen hand torch and can also charge up your phone

iProtec Pro100 Torch http://

A slimline handheld torch with a very useful 100 lumen output.  The iProtec Pro100 is super tough, as well as being water and impact resistant. Perfect for carrying in your pack,in your pocket or in your tool kit for everyday use

Black Diamond Gizmo Headtorch http://

This tiny headtorch packs a lot of punch for it's size. The Black Diamond Gizmo is perfect for camping, climbing and walking, delivering 90 lumens of brightness with a long battery life and compact size. 

Black Diamond Ion Headtorch http://

This diminutive little headtorch boasts some serious lighting power, with a whopping 100 lumen output.  The Black Diamond Ion is a compact and lightweight torch perfect for fast and light adventures or emergency use

Petzl Reactik+ Headtorch http://

The revolutionary Reactik+ is one of the most technically advanced headtorches you can buy. It features Reactive Lighting Technolog and can be programmed on the move via a Bluetooth® connection to your smartphone. 

Petzl Accu Reactik/Reactik+ Rechargeable Battery http://

The spare Lithium-Ion 1800 mAh rechargeable battery guarantees high performance for the REACTIK and REACTIK + headlamps, even at low temperatures. It recharges directly with the integrated USB port.

Nite Ize LED Mini Glowstick http://

These great little glowsticks give 60+ hours of light and are a sustainable and reusable alternative to chemical glowsticks. Available in 4 different colours.

Soto Replacement Glass Globe http://

A replacement glass globe specifically for the SOTO Compact Lantern. 

Petzl Reactik Headtorch http://

The Petzl Reactik is an advanced rechargeable headtorch that has intelligent reactive lighting, giving you amazing battery life and power when you need it. Max output of the Reactik is an impressive 220 Lumens

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