In 1959 Frank Davies opened The Climber's Shop in Ambleside, Cumbria - one of the first outdoor shops in the UK!

For nearly 60 years now the Climbers Shop have offered the very best in climbing, mountaineering, hill walking and trail running gear at great prices, with expertise that's second to none.

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Whether you're looking for a simple hand torch, a high power sophisticated LED headtorch or a bright camping lantern, we'll have something to suit your needs.

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Black Diamond Moji Lantern http://

The BD Moji is an extremely simple, bright and compact camp lantern that features a durable construction and an impressive100 lumens of power 

Soto Replacement Glass Globe http://

A replacement glass globe specifically for the SOTO Compact Lantern. 

Petzl Reactik Headtorch http://

The Petzl Reactik is an advanced rechargeable headtorch that has intelligent reactive lighting, giving you amazing battery life and power when you need it. Max output of the Reactik is an impressive 220 Lumens

Black Diamond Moji XP Lantern http://

The Moji XP is a compact lantern for camping, late night cragging or barbecues in the garden. It features 150 lumens of 360-degree light, ideal for illuminating your tent, bivvy or belay spot

UCO Original Candle - Citronella 3pk http://

Create a warm, natural glow in your tent and repel those pesky midges at the same time.  The UCO Original Candle Lantern - Citronella Candles are optimised for use with the UCO lanterns.

Gelert Mighty Mantle Lantern http://

The Gelert Mighty Mantle Lantern is both light weight and compact, It offers 120W of light, high performance and is constructed with high density brass valves and heat resistant stainless steel.

Primus Micron Gas Lantern with Steel Mesh http://

The Primus Micron Gas Lantern with Steel Mesh is a compact, lightweight and durable lantern that provides light and warmth when you need small dimensions, low weight and durability.

Petzl Myo Headtorch http://

The Petzl MYO has been updated and improved with this new 2015 model featuring a massive 370 lumen maximum output (boost). Perfect for all outdoor sports from trail running to climbing.


Petzl Tikka/Zipka clear lens http://

Clear lens for Petzl Tikka and Zipka Head torches.

UCO Micro Candle Lantern http://

A teeny candle candle lantern that produces a warm, natural glow to illuminate your tent.  Its light, small and doesn't use batteries.  It can also be used with citronella candles to keep the bugs from your tent

UCO Original Candle Lantern http://

The UCO Candle Lantern doesn't need any batteries or a power source, just a long burning UCO candle. The advantage of a candle lantern is a warm light, reduced condensation and insect repellency (when used with the Citronella candles)

UCO Neoprene Lantern Cocoon - Original/Mini http://

Made of impact-resistant neoprene, the patented Cocoon™ will fit the UCO Original Candle Lanterns.

UCO Micro/Mini - Citronella Tealights 6pk http://

UCO Citronella Tealights have been specially formulated to work well in the Micro and Mini UCO Lanterns, giving 3 -4 hours burn time each when used in the lantern

UCO Micro/Mini - Regular Tealight 6pk http://

UCO Tealights have been specially formulated to work well in the Micro and Mini  Lantern, giving 3 -4 hours burn time each when used in the lantern


Primus Micron Lantern wth Glass Globe http://

No Description Available

Robens Beacon Outback Lantern http://

No Description Available

Silva Trail Speed Headltorch http://

No Description Available

Munkees LED Flashlight http://

The Munkees LED Flashlight  features a keyring attachment and has a rugged rubberised housing. This handy torch helps you to find keyholes in the dark or keeps you safe and visible at night

UCO Clarus Lantern http://

The UCO Clarus LED Lantern is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for backpacking and travelling. It converts into a handy and powerful flashlight too making it even more versatile. Perfect for outdoors, garden, garage and home.

UCO Leschi Mini LED Lantern http://

The UCO Leschi is a tiny camping lantern that converts into a flashlight. Ideal for lighting a tent or finding your way around the campsite.  Highly versatile and perfect for a wide range of applications outdoors and at home. 

LifeSystems Intensity 220 Headtorch http://

The Lifesystems Intensity 220 Headtorch offers features normally reserved for much pricier headtorches. The Luxeon XP-G2 Cree White LED gives 220 Lumens to light up the darkest night and offers amazing battery life too.

Black Diamond Stride Headtorch http://

The Black Diamond Stride is a compact light that can be used either as a safety light to aid visibility or as a standard headtorch. It features both red and white LED's, with strobing or constant light modes

Petzl Tikkina Headtorch http://

The classic Petzl Tikkina headtorch has become a serious contender, with a hugely uprated 150 lumen output, and the ability to take either regular AAA batteries or the USB rechargeable CORE battery. 

Petzl Tikka Headtorch http://

The latest incarnation of the Petzl classic, the TIKKA, now features a huge 200 lumen output and the ability to use the Petzl CORE USB rechargeable battery pack. Amazing performance from such a light and compact light

Vango Star 85 Lantern http://

This compact little lantern provides a surprising amount of light, and is ideal for family camping in a large tent. The Vango Star 85 Lantern is also great to have around the home, in the garden shed or in the car. 

Vango Spectrum 250 Lantern http://

The Vango Spectrum 250 is a high power lantern that's ideal for lighting large areas. Ideal for family camping, base camps, Barbecues, picnics, festivals, in the home or any outdoor gathering. It has 250 lumens max output, with 4 settings

Petzl Actik Core Headtorch http://

The Petzl ACTIK CORE comes with a USB rechargeable battery, has a whopping 350 lumen max output and is ultra compact, making it the ideal companion on all sorts of adventures. 

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