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Cooking Equipment

Everything you need for successful camping cookery, whether its a preparing a simple boil in the bag for one or a gourmet barbeque feast for the family, we have the kit you need.

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GSI Mini Spatula http://

The GSI Mini-Spatula is ultralight weight and extremely useful when camping. It's perfect for any lightweight camping trip. It weighs less than 10g and won't be noticed in your pack 

Optimus Terra Kettle http://

A perfect little kettle for brewing up outdoors. Ideal for backpacking, picnics or camping. The Optimus Terra Kettle is an ultralight 0.7L hard-anodized aluminum kettle with mesh bag. 

GSI Salt and Pepper Shaker http://

The GSI Salt & Pepper shaker is a great idea for carrying your seasonings on base and car camping trips. One end for salt, the other for pepper, or whatever condiments you like really.

GSI Outdoors Cascadian Bowl http://

Light, tough, and totally recyclable, the GSI Cascadian Plate is your go-to, all-purpose camp plate. This durable, BPA-Free bowl won't hold odors or impart any tastes on tomorrow's dinner

C and H Commuter Mug 0.4lt http:// No Description Available
Optimus Terra Weekend HE Cookset with BOB http://

The Optimus Terra HE Weekend Cookset is a lightweight highly fuel efficient cookset designed for one or two people. The heat exchanger on the base of the main pan means you can boil water 20% faster and save fuel. 

Sea to Summit X Pot 2.8L http://

This innovative collapsible cooking pots packs almost flat, yet has a huge 2.8litre capacity when extended. The Sea to Summit X-Pot 2.8L is light and packable and can nest with other items from the X range of cookware

Optimus Terra Express HE 1.75L Pot http://

The Optimus Terra Xpress HE Pot is a non-stick cooking pot that's perfect for one or two people, for lightweight backpacking or camping. The heat exchanger on the base means this pot helps your fuel last longer by being more efficient

Primus Cartridge Footrest http:// support.jpg

The Primus Cartridge Footrest offers improved stability for topmounted stoves, particularly when using large pots or cooking on uneven surfaces.

Primus PowerLighter http://

The Primus Powerlighter is a powerful turbo lighter that blasts out a 1300oC flame, that'll light pretty much anything in the wind or in the rain. Piezo ignition means it starts easily with the flick of a thumb

Soto Windshield for Micro Regulator Stove http://

No Description Available

Sea to Summit Delta Bowl with Lid http://

No Description Available

Easy Camp Alloy Mess Kit http://

A pair of military style mess tins in light alloy.  The Easy Camp Mess Kit is perfect for campers on a budget

Easy Camp Enamel Plate http://

Familiar to generations of campers, Scouts, Dof E entrants and picnickers, the classic enameled tin plate is a design icon and does the job as well today as it did in years gone by.

GSI Outdoor Personal Java Press http://

Hot, Freshly brewed coffee on the go. The GSI Personal Java Press is a rugged and insulated 2 piece mug and coffee press set, that makes 2 cups of fresh coffee (or tea), one to get you going and one for the road.

MSR Whisperlite Internationale Stove http://

The MSR Whipserlite Internationale is a versatile and rugged multi fuel stove with a proven track record.  This stove has been a favourite with mountaineers, explorers and adventure travellers for many years.

Goal Zero Rock Out Speakers http://

With Goal Zero's Rock Out rechargable speakers, you can listen to your favourite tunes for upto 20 hours! 

Solo Stove Pot 900 Cooking Pot http://

The Solo Pot 900 is the companion pot for the Solo Wood Burning Stove, and is made of premium grade stainless steel. It's tough, lightweight and durable, with measuring marks on the inside of the pot

MSR Titan Mug http://

MSR Titan Titanium mug is the ultimate lightweight beverage holder. Combine it with the MSR Titan Kettle for an ultra lightweight solo set.

GSI Glacier Stainless Steel Dukjug - 1L http://

The GSI Outdoors Stainless Dukjug is a bombproof wide mouth drink bottle, that features a 1 litre capacity and a recessed section, around the middle, designed to store some emergency duct tape

MSR Titan Kettle http://

The MSR Titan Kettle is perfect for those looking to shave every gram from their backpacking gear. This lightweight pot is versatile, virtually indestructable and the ideal size for solo backpacking, mountain marathons or mountaineering.

MSR Standard Fuel Pump http://

This pump unit is the lightest and most reliable liquid fuel pump available.  Suitable for MSR liquid fuel stoves (Exc. Dragonfly)

Optimus Titanium Spork http://

The ultimate in lightweight camping cutlery, the Optimus Titanium Spork combines the function of both fork and spoon into one eating implement. Light and virtually indestructible; the ideal solution for solo backpackers

MSR Alpine 4 Pot Set http://

This 3 pot set is perfect when catering for big groups. Made with ultra tough stainless steel the MSR Alpine 4 Cookset includes a 1, 2 and 3 litre pot, along with lids for each and a Panhandler®. 

Soto Pocket Torch Lighter http://

The Soto Pocket Torch Lighter is ideal for all sorts of firelighting tasks. It takes a humble, everyday disposable lighter and boosts it to produce a focused 1300ºC flame. Hot enough to get any campfire roaring

Sea to Summit Delta Cutlery Set http://

Lightweight, compact and designed to fit neatly into the Sea to Summit Delta Bowl, this durable knife, fork and spoon set is ideal for expeditions, backpacking, base camping and picnicing.

GSI Outdoors Halulite Boiler 1.8 litre http://

This 1.8 litre cooking pot is ideal for two persons, with ample capacity for a substantial meal or boiling water for brews. The GSI Halulite 1.8L Pot also has a folding handle, that locks the lid down for transit. 

MSR Mugmate Coffee/Tea Filter http://

Theres nothing like a cup of rich aromatic coffee when out on the trail or a morning brew which is why MSR introduced the MugMate coffee/tea filter.

MSR Quick Skillet http://

The MSR Quick Skillet is a hard anodised, non-stick 7'' frying pan that accompanies the Quick 2 and other MSR pan sets.  Ideal for your morning fry up. 

Optimus Titanium Folding Spork http://

The Optimus Ti Fold Spork is possibly the most ingenius lightweight eating tools you'll ever see. Engineered in Titanium, this ultra light spoon/fork is the perfect accessory for any serious backpacker

Optimus Terra Pot Lifter http://

Lightweight, compact and durable pot lifter from Optimus allowing you to move pans with ease while you concoct your campsite gourmet victuals. 

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Mini Espresso Maker http://

This mini Espresso maker is perfect for the caffeine addict and makes one (espresso) cup of perfectly brewed coffee on your camp stove. The GSI Glacier SS Mini Espresso Maker will deliver flawless espresso for years 

Optimus Terra Solo Cookset with BOB http://

Designed for the fast & Light user, the Optimus Terra Solo Cookset includes a pot and a mini fry pan / lid. It's ideal for backpackers  and wild campers who want a light, no fuss cookset for one. It now includes a BOB pan cleaner

GSI Essential Travel Spoon - Long http://

This long handled nylon spoon is perfect for getting into the bottom of camping meals. The GSI Essential Travel Spoon - Long features a silicone spooned end for flexibility to get right into the corners

GSI Fairshare Mug II http://

Big enough for two to share from, but also lightweight enough for the solo backpacker, the GSI Fairshare Mug II is a large sized sharing mug/bowl. It now has a removable insulating sleeve too

Solo Stove Tripod http://

The Solo Tripod is a lightweight aluminium tripod that gives you extra stability when cooking on the Solo range of biomass stoves. It allows the cooking pot to be suspended, giving you better control and the authentic bushcraft experience.

GSI Glacier Stainless Classic Flask 5fl oz http://

This durable and stylish hip flask is elegantly rugged for all your outdoor adventures. The GSI Glacier Stainless 5fl.oz Classic Flask can be used for all sorts of drinks (we'd recommend a really nice single malt though)

Hydrapak Seeker 3L Flexbottle http://

This collapsible 3 Litre water carrier is perfect for camping and backpacking. The Hydrapak Seeker 3 Litre collapses down to the size of a fist, attaches to your pack or hangs from a tree.  

MSR Ceramic 2 Pot Set http://

The MSR Ceramic 2 Pot Set is a premium non-stick cooking set that includes a 2.5 litre and a 1.5 Litre pot, as well as a strainer lid and Talon handle that can be used on either pot. Super durable and safe to use with metal implements

MSR Big Titan Kettle http://

The MSR Titan Kettle is a classic piece of lightweight backpacking gear. The Big Titan Kettle is a bigger capacity version, that's ideal for serious users wishing to cater for 2 or more people, yet still being very light. 

Light my Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Scout http://

A Firesteel is often the most reliable way of starting a fire, as its not affected by wind or dampness. The Light My Fire FireSteel Scout is perfect for backpacking, weighing very little and taking up hardly any space in your pack

Optimus BOB Outdoor Sponge http://

This diminuitive scourer sponge is designed to be kind to your camping pots and pants, as well as fit neatly into your cooking system. The Optimus BOB Sponge has a scouring pad on one side, and cleaning/drying sponge on the other

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