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Cooking Equipment

Everything you need for successful camping cookery, whether its a preparing a simple boil in the bag for one or a gourmet barbeque feast for the family, we have the kit you need.

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MSR Universal Canister Stand http://

The MSR Universal Canister Stand gives you extra stability and safety when you're cooking with gas canister stoves, and will adapt to fit just about any fuel canister you might find.

MSR Alpinist 2 System http:// Alpinist2-System.jpg

The MSR Alpinist 2 System is a fully featured cook and eat system for two, perfect for melting snow and boiling water fast

GSI Outdoors Halulite Boiler 1.1 litre http://

Made of super strong hard anodised aluminium, the Halulite  1.1L Boiler is a great pot for solo backpacking, cycle touring or mountaineering expeditions. 

LifeVenture Titanium Mug http://

Extremely light and very strong, this Titanium mug from LifeVenture is perfect for lightweight camping, backpacking and expeditions. 

Lifeventure Basic Knife Fork Spoon Set http://

A lightweight basic cutlery set from LifeVenture. Ideal for camping adventures and backpacking

Optimus Sliding Long Spoon http://

The Optimus Sliding Long Spoon can be extended allowing you to reach the deepest recesses of your trekking meal. Ideal for boil in the bag or dehydrated camping meal pouches

Sea to Summit Delta Plate http://

The Sea to Summit Delta plate is a virtually indestructible lightweight plate that's ideal for camping and backpacking. It features a unique hex pattern base, which reduces weight and dissipates heat

Outwell Delicious Casserole 1.5L http://

No Description Available

LifeVenture Stainless Steel Camping Plate http://

Virtually unbreakable, this stainless steel plate is ideal for camping, picnics, expeditions, fishing name it.  Easy to clean and lightweight this LifeVenture Steel plate will give you years of service.

MSR Reactor Hanging Kit http://

The MSR Reactor Hanging Kit is designed to allow your Reactor stove to be suspended, either in a tent or in a porta-ledge . 

LifeVenture Titanium Long Handled Spoon http://

Made using very light and very tough Titanium, the LifeVenture long handled spoon is prefect for reaching the bottom of boil in the bag and dehydrated pouches without getting the contents all over your hands.  

MSR Titan 2 Pot Set http://

The MSR Titan 2 Set is an ultra lightweight cooking set for two people.  Aimed at alpine mountaineers and lightweight backpackers, it includes two titanium pots that combine high strength with low weight. 

Wildo Fire Flash - Large http://

This heavy duty fire steel will reliably start your stove or campfire in all conditions. The Wildo FireFlash is perfect for camping or bushcraft, with nothing to break, run out or go wrong.

GSI Pivot Tongs http://

The GSI Pivot Tongs are compact and lightweight, and ideal for turning, serving and straining duties.The Reinforced handles give the rigidity needed for heavy items.

Wildo Camper Plate Flat http://

The Wildo Camper Plate Flat is an über tough and resilient camping plate with a grip area for easy holding ,making it possible to enjoy your meal anytime anywhere.

Wildo Camper Plate - Deep http://

The Wildo Camper Plate - Deep, is a tough polypropylene plate / bowl, with deep sides making it the perfect choice for stews or pasta. 

Wildo Kasa XL http://

The Wildo Kåsa Xl is a larger volume mug/bowl with a distinctive handled design. Its shape is ergonomic and functional, and it's perfect for wilderness adventures

GSI Pivot Spatula http://

The GSI Pivot Spatula has a handle that rotates, meaning it takes up less space in your camping gear. This is a handy and resilient spatula that doesn't take up too much room in your kit.

Wildo Camp-a-Box Complete Set http://

This is a really practical camping set, which is also great value. Small, lightweight and practical, the Scandinavians really know how to design well in the outdoors!

Wildo Spice Shaker http://

Spice up your life! The small spice shaker from Wildo features 3 compartments for different spices and is ideal for traveling or camping.

Wildo Spork http://

The Wildo® Spork is the hybrid utensil where you get all your cutlery in one and still have a good grip. A super versatile and lightweight eating utensil!

GSI Ultalight Cutting Board - Small http://

For the camp gourmet, there's the GSI Ultralight Cutting Board. Durable construction to stand up to any of your chopping tasks. Two-sided design with meat and vegetable icons, to prevent cross-contamination.

GSI Pivot Spoon http://

The GSI Pivot Spoon is a well though-out camping spoon that makes a superb addition to any campers set. Folding in to itself, this spoon is highly compact, weighs next-to nothing.

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Set http://

Possibly the ultimate integrated cookset for catering for up to 4 people. The GSI Pinnacle Camper gives you two cooking pots, a fry pan and plates, bowls and cups for four, that all pack neatly together.

GSI Outdoor Pinnacle Backpacker Cooking Set http://

The GSI Outdoor Pinnacle Backpacker is a lightweight integrated cooking and eating set for two people traveling light. It includes a pot, a fry pan lid, two bowls and two insulated cups with lids

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle 8 inch Frypan http://

The GSI Pinnacle 8'' Frypan is lightweight and features a folding handle. This ultra-rugged frying pan's exclusive Teflon with Radiance technology non-stick coating enhances heat distribution and reduces hotspots. 

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle 10 inch Frypan http://

GSI Pinnacle fry pans offer the ultimate in cooking performance, non-stick resilience and durability. This ultra-rugged pan's exclusive Teflon with Radiance technology non-stick coating enhances heat distribution and reduces hotspots 

GSI Outdoor Pack Kitchen 8 Set http://

This lightweight kitchen set is perfect for those travelling light, with 8 compact utensils for creating culinary masterpieces while in the field. The GSI Pack Kitchen 8 is ideal for catering for small groups and families.

GSI Outdoors Peppermill http://

Nothing beat a little freshly ground black pepper to lift the flavour of any dish. This compact and lightweight GSI Peppermill means you can have that luxury anytime when outdoors; camping, picnics, barbecues, beach and backpacking

GSI Outdoors Pack Grater http://

The GSI Pack Grater is a compact mini grater that takes up hardly any room in your pack. It's perfect for grating a little Parmesan on your pasta, some chocolate on your Mochachino or some ginger into your stir fry. 

GSI Outdoor Titanium Kung Foon http://

Ideal for lovers of Chinese cuisine, this novel convertible spoon/ fork / chopsticks combo is the perfect accessory. The GSI Kung Foon is made in lightweight Titanium and is the ultimate in convertible cutlery. 

GSI Outdoors Halulite Cutlery Set http:// The GSI Halulite Cutlery set is made from a ultralight anodized aluminum alloy that's both strong and light. GSI have included a carabiner clip that keeps everything together and helps to avoid those infamous disappearing acts.
GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Double Walled Espresso Cup http://

Perfect for caffeine addicts who need that hit every morning. The GSI Glacier Stainless Steel Double Walled Espresso cup is stylish, in a brushed steel finish,  is hard wearing and keeps your coffee shot hot, without burning your lips.

GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug http://

Lightweight and very tough, the GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug is made using clear Infinity polypropylene, and has an insulated sleeve to keep liquids hot or cold. A flip top lid helps prevent spills and keep the heat in.

GSI Outdoors Microgripper http://

An ultralight pot gripper that's ideal or those obcessed with saving every gram possible. The ingenious silicone Microgripper enables you to snatch hot pots and pans off of cooking stoves without risk of burns.

GSI Outdoors Halulite Cook Pot 2 litre http://

Whether cooking for a group, two people or you've just got a really big appetite, the GSI Halulite 2 litre cook pot is big enough for creating substantial meals at the campsite. 

GSI Outdoors Halulite Tea Kettle http://

This lightweight, hard anodised tea kettle is perfect for brewing up outdoors. The GSI Outdoors Halulite Tea Kettle is low profile with a 1 Litre capacity. The kettle design boils quicker and more efficiently than a pot

GSI Outdoors Gourmet Kitchen 11 Set http://

The GSI Gourmet Kitchen 11 Set is designed for the outdoor gastronome, who love create restaurant standard cuisine while out camping.  It includes 11 useful utensils in a tough, nylon carry case. 

GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set http://

The ultimate camping kitchen set, with everything you need for creating and enjoying tasty fresh gourmet meals at the campsite. The GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen contains 24 utensils for outdoor masterchefs.

GSI Outdoors Compact Scraper http://

A small, but highly useful bit of camping kit, the GSI Outdoors Compact Scraper can be used as a spatula or scraper and has a multitude of culinary uses in the field. 

GSI Outdoors Cascadian Bowl http://

Light, tough, and totally recyclable, the GSI Cascadian bowl is your go-to, all-purpose camp bowl. This durable, BPA-Free bowl won't hold odors or impart any tastes on tomorrow's dinner 

GSI Outdoors Crossover Kitchen Kit http://

The GSI Outdoors Crossover Kitchen has all you need to whip up gourmet standard meals in the outdoors. It includes folding utensils, spice containers, cleaning gear and a semi circular storage case designed to nest in your cooking pot

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