In 1959 Frank Davies opened The Climber's Shop in Ambleside, Cumbria - one of the first outdoor shops in the UK!

For nearly 60 years now the Climbers Shop have offered the very best in climbing, mountaineering, hill walking and trail running gear at great prices, with expertise that's second to none.

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Camping Accessories

Camping Essentials

There are lots of bits of gear which just make camping that little bit more fun, comfortable and enjoyable. Here's the the essential stuff we think is the best out there

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Deuter Wash Bag I http://

This is a great lightweight washbag for short haul trips, camping and weekend getaways. The Deuter Wash Bag I is a simple roll up design, with two large mesh pockets, a zipped pocket and a hanging hook. 

Deuter Travel Wallet http://

The Deuter Travel wallet is built to last, with a tough and durable canvas fabric, yet it is also soft and very light, with slots for credit cards, ID, coins and paper cash

Deuter Wash Center Lite I http://

The Deuter Wash Centre carries all your personal care items ready for your next adventure. Ideal for longer trips and expeditions, with a convenient zipped case and a plethora of storage options and organiser pockets. 

Deuter Wash Center Lite II http://

The Deuter Wash Centre II is suited to longer trips and expeditions. It features a convenient zipped case with various storage options, mesh organiser pockets and a hanging hook.

Deuter Zip Pack Lite 1 - Mandarin http://

The Deuter Zip Pack Lite I is a handy organiser to help segregate your gear in your luggage or pack. Ideal for travel and holidays, as well as expeditions and camping trips. 

Deuter Zip Pack Lite 3 - Petrol http://

The Deuter Zip Pack Lite 3 is a really handy gear organiser to help separate and organise your gear in your luggage or pack. Ideal for travel and holidays, as well as expeditions and camping trips.

MSR DromLite Bag 6L http://

The MSR Dromlite Bags are super durable water hauling reservoirs ideal for base camps and expeditions. The 6 Litre bag offers high-capacity water storage yet collapses all the way down to the size of it's cap.

Trekmates Folding Sit Mat http://

Foam filled and durable, offering great insulation from the ground. It’s compact and takes up minimal room in your pack. Can also be used as additional back padding in small lightweight packs.

Nikwax Tent and Gear Proof http://

This specially formulated, non toxic product will add a layer of water repellency and UV protection to your kit that will not only make it easier to use but will also prolong it's life.

Munkees FixnZip - Small http://

A broken zip can be a real nuisance. it often means a garment is rendered useless and thrown away for the sake of a tiny piece of metal. It's no longer a problem as the Munkees FixnZip is a clever replacement zip pull 

Munkees 6x60mm Pear Shape Accessory Carabiner - 2 Pack http://

These mini carabiner clips are ideal for all sorts of accessories, and you get not one, but two carabiners in the pack. The Munkees 6 x 60mm Pear Shaped Carabiners are lightweight clips for attaching items onto key rings and equipment

Munkees Stainless Steel Compact Corkscrew http://

The Munkees Stainless Steel Corkscrew is a compact travel corkscrew that you can easily keep on a keyring . It simply screws apart to expose the corkscrew and the bottom section becomes the handle...genius. 

Munkees USB Smart Charger Keyring http://

This is a useful little bit of kit to keep with you on your travels; The Munkees USB Smart Charger allows you to plug in your tech to recharge anywhere there's a USB port. It tucks away neatly, into a demonic cows head (?) when not in use

Munkees Waterproof Capsule http://

These handy waterproof capsules from Munkees come in two sizes. Ideal for stashing notes, medical info or medication, ID,  paper money or a treasured keepsake. Fully watertight and extremely strong. 

Munkees Stainless Steel Card Multi Tool http://

This multi tool card is a great addition to any bunch of keys. It features a host of functions such as cross and flat head screw drivers, bottle opener and various sized spanners. The Munkees Card Tool is built to last in solid Stainless steel

Munkees 3 Function Corkscrew, Bottle Opener and Knife http://

This handy gadget is ideal for glamping and camping, and will fit onto any bunch of keys. The Munkees 3 Function Tool features a corkscrew, a bottle opener and a small knife. Super strong stainless steel construction

Trangia Spirit Burner Screwcap and Washer http://

The Screw Lid and Washer is a vital spare part. It replaces any lost or damaged Trangia spirit burner lid, keeping the contents secure and preventing leaks of the flammable methylated spirit. 

Vango Steel Pin Peg - 23cm x 5mm http://

Made from super strong steel wire, these 5mm pin pegs are ideal for hard packed ground and firm turf. The Vango Steel Pins will work with any tent of any brand, and are a good replacement for damaged or lost  alloy or plastic pegs

Inova T3R Tactical LED Rechargeable Torch http://

The Inova T3 Tactical LED Torch is a ultra high power handheld flashlight designed for use by emergency services, military and rescue teams. It is build like a tank and blasts out a whopping 234 lumen beam, ideal for nightime searches.

Inova LED Squeeze Light http://

This compact little light is ideal to keep with your keys or in your bag. The Inova LED Squeeze Light features push button activation, just squeeze for instant light; perfect for finding keyholes or any dropped items in the darkness.

Inova X2 LED Torch http://

The Inova X2 is a compact, high quality LED torch that packs an impressive 190 lumen output. Made with machined aircraft grade aluminium, this torch is light, powerful and very tough

Opsrey Ultralight Stretch Mesh Sack 6+L - Lime http://

These handy storage bags are ideal for organising gear inside your pack.  Being constructed with stretch mesh panels they allow wet gear to dry. This 6 +litre size is ideal for stashing clothing or equipment.

Petzl Noctilight Case http://

The Petzl Noctilight is a tough storage case for your Petzl headtorch, that also converts it into a lantern for area lighting. A great lighting solution for camping and backpacking.

Sea to Summit Compression Sack - XS, Blue http://

This tough little compression sack from Sea to Summit can compress its contents by about 2/3rds, and is waterproof. Ideal for duvet jackets or lightweight sleeping bags.

Ultimate Equipment Survival Bag and Emergency Whistle http://

In an emergency this survival bag provides shelter from the elements, while also being highly visible from long distances. It includes a rescue whistle to call for help. Ideal to carry in your pack 'Just in Case'

Climb On Lip Lube 15oz http://

As they say themselves "it's Always A Good Time For A Lube From The Tube!". Climb On Lip Lube is great for just about everything, from wind burned cheeks to mosquito bites.

Sea to Summit TPU Accessory Case - Small http://

This fully waterproof case is purpose made for protecting travel documents, maps and small electronic devices. The Sea to Summit TPU Small Accessory Case keeps whatever's inside dry and dust free.

LifeVenture Hydro Fibre Trek Towel - Large http://

This ultra light trek towel is super absorbent and dries 15 times faster than a conventional towel. It also comes with a compact carry case and features a Polygiene® anti-microbial treatment to prevent the build up of nasty pongs

GSI Nestling Red Wine Glass http://

Perfect for your next 'Glamping' trip to add a touch of extra decadence.  These GSI nesting wine glasses mean no more drinking your favourite tipple from an old plastic mug when you're enjoying the outdoors.

Lifesystems DriStore Loc Top Waterproof Valuables Set http://

These clear, waterproof bags are perfect for protecting your precious kit from water, dust and sand.  Ideal for holidays and airline hand luggage friendly. 

Nite Ize DoohicKey - Black http://

The Nite Ize DoohicKey is a really useful little multi tool fits on your keyring and is bound to becomes an indispensable bit of kit whether you're opening a beer or wiring a plug.

Nite Ize Cam Jam Micro http://

The Nite Ize CamJam Micro uses bungee cord to secure light loads, with two cammed tensioners and a short length of reflective elasticated cord. Adjustable from 3.5'' to 14''

Nite Ize S-Biner - Size 3 - Stainless Steel http://

Nite Ize S-Biners are ultra handy accessory clips that are ideal for a range of clipping tasks, from keyrings to dog leads

LifeVenture RFiD Ticket Wallet http://

The LifeVenture RFiD Ticket Wallet is perfect for carrying passports, important travel documents, bank cards and tickets, providing both physical protection and a shield from electronic theft

LifeVenture Stuff Sack x3 Multipack http://

These tough yet lightweight stuff sacks are made using waterproof siliconised Cordura fabric, and are ideal for packing and organising gear in the field. Ideal for backpacking, expeditions and holidays

Jetboil CrunchIt Tool http://

The Jetboil CrunchIt tool solves the problem of what to do with your used gas canisters. Traditionally not permitted to be recycled, the CrunchIt is a safe and fool-proof way to make your canister recycleable

Sea to Summit Tek Towel - Medium, Berry http://

Sea to Summit's Tek Towel is one of the most luxurious trekking towels available, with a soft microfibre fabric that is absorbent and quick drying. Great for camping, backpacking, the beach or gym. 

Hilleberg Y-Pegs 10 pack http://

The Hilleberg Aluminium Y-pegs are wide and solid pegs that support your guys even in strong winds. With their Y shaped design, they can easily be driven into hard ground and will stay sturdy in all directions.

Nite Ize LED Mini Glowstick http://

These great little glowsticks give 60+ hours of light and are a sustainable and reusable alternative to chemical glowsticks. Available in 4 different colours.

LifeVenture All Purpose Soap - 100ml http://

The LifeVenture All Purpose Soap is ultra versatile, anti-bacterial, concentrated and biodegradable. Use it for body, hair, laundry and dishes. 

Smidge Insect Repellent http://

Smidge is a DEET free midge and mosquito repellant, that use natural ingredients and is completely safe to use. Last for upto 8 hours and is sweat and water resistant. Smidge smells pretty good too

Nalgene Small Travel Kit http:// kit small.jpg

This indispensible little collection of bottles and containers is perfect for overseas trips and UK camping adventures.  The Nalgene Small travel Kit can be used for cosmetics, toileteries, medicines, liquids or foodstuffs.

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