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Crampons of all types: walking crampons, general mountaineering crampons and fully rigid climbing crampons for steep technical ice.

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Grivel G10/12/14 Flex Bar http://

This flexible, multi-ply stainless steel bar replaces the rigid bar in Grivel G12 and G14 crampons to allow them to be fitted to B1 rated boots. 

Grivel Ran Anti Slip http://

The Grivel Ran Anti-Slip spikes are designed for winter runners and walkers on non-technical trails and tracks. They provide traction on snow and ice for any sort of footwear. They're also compact and light

Kahtoola Microspikes - 2013 Model http://

The Kahtoola Microspikes will fit anything from running shoes to walking boots.  They give you great grip on icy and snowy terrain, are easy to put on and remove and pack down small and weigh very little too.

Climbing Technology Crampon Bag http://

No Description Available

Grivel Crampon Safe Bag http://

The Grivel Cerampon Safe lets you safely stow away your crampons, protecting the contents of your rucksack.

Grivel Crampon Bag http://

Constructed from a point resistant fabric and using the classic fold-over design, the Grivel Crampon Bag is a quick, simple and effective method of stashing your crampons away after a day in the snow


Petzl Lynx Crampon Front Point Kit http://

These are replacement front points for Petzl Lynx crampons, and includes front points, spacers and bolt.  The crampon points can either be set in dual or mono-point configuration.

Black Diamond Crampon Bag http://

The Black Diamond Crampon bag is a simple, semi rigid design which will fit virtually any collapsible crampons. The bag is constructed from tough coated nylon fabric with a zippered mesh lid for drainage and easy access.

Petzl FIL Flex Toe Bail http://

The FIL Flex Toe Bail is compatible with most of Petzl's range of crampons. The flexible toe bail allows crampons to be used without the need for boots with a toe welt.

Petzl Vasak Leverlock Crampons http://

The Petzl Vasak is a classic mountaineering crampon, featuring a 12 point design and Petzl's LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL binding system.

Kahtoola Microspike Youth XS http://

Kahtoola Microspikes Youth XS are versatile 10 spike traction aids that pack small and can be used on all footwear, from running shoes to hiking boots. Black only

Petzl Irvis Front Section http://

Transform any of the current Petzl crampon range into a walking crampon, with this modular front section for the Petzl Irvis crampons. Ideally this should be combined with a a Petzl Flex bar on rigid models

Petzl Sarken LeverLock Crampons http://

The Sarken Crampons are designed for technical alpinism, winter climbing and mountaineering. The T-shaped front points are designed to give excellent penetration and stability in hard ice

Grivel G12 New Matic Crampon http://

Grivel G12 New-matic are a modern day classic, probably one of the best all round mountaineering crampons available. Trustworthy Grivel metalwork.

Petzl Leopard LeverLock FIL Crampons http://

The ultra lightweight Leopard LLF Crampons are designed for weight obsessed Ski tourers, looking for the ultimate in packable protection for the occasions when skis need to be swopped for more spiky footwear

Petzl Lynx LeverLock Crampons http://

The Petzl Lynx Leverlock Crampons use a modular design, allowing you to customise the configuration depending on conditions or type of climbing. Include both long and short modular front points

Grivel Air Tech New Matic Crampons http://

The Grivel Air Tech NewMatic's are excellent multi purpose crampons. In many ways the ideal crampon for winter walking and mountaineering in the UK, and classic alpinism in the Europe. Stock Available

Grivel G12 New Classic Crampons http://

The G12 is a classic 12-point crampon thats designed for general mountaineering, alpinism, mixed ice and rock climbing, as well as moderate waterfall routes.

Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro Crampon http://

The BD Sabretooth Pro Crampons are manufactured using stainless steel, for strength, durability and corrosion resistance. They feature fully automatic bindings to fit compatible mountain boots

Petzl Irvis Flexlock Crampon http://

The Irvis Crampons are great all-rounders, designed for winter mountain walking and general mountaineering. The 10 point design is suited to glacier crossing, ski touring and easy grade alpine routes. 

Climbing Technology Lycan Semi Automatic Crampons http://

The Lycan Semi-Auto is a technical 12 point crampon that's designed squarely with alpine couloirs and steeper ice routes in mind. 

Black Diamond Stinger Pro Crampons http://

The Black Diamond Stinger Pro Crampons are made from lightweight stainless steel, the modular vertical mono-point is specifically designed for climbing waterfall ice, mixed routes or hard mountain routes.

Petzl Sarken Front Section http://

The front section of the Sarken crampon is interchangeable with all current Petzl crampons, allowing you to customise and upgrade your crampons, or to replace a worn out front section. 

Petzl Vasak Front Section http://

Petzl's modular approach to their crampon range means that you get ultimate flexibility, and the ability to switch front sections. These Vasak front sections can be teamed with Lynx, Sarken, Irvis, Dart & Dartwin heel plates. 

Grivel Crampon Crown Crampon Protectors http://

The Grivel Crampon's Crown covers the sharp points of your crampons. The patented circular design means that the Crown is adaptable to fit any type of crampons.

Petzl Fakir Crampon Bag http://

The Petzl Fakir Crampon Bag is a great place to store not only your crampons but also ice-screws and spare picks, protecting your pack and kit from those sharp spikes.

Black Diamond Snaggletooth Pro Crampon http://

The Black Diamond Snaggletooth Crampon offers the precision of a monopoint with the stability of dual horizontal front points, making it ideal for steep alpine ice and technical winter climbing. 

Grivel Monte Rosa New Classic http://

The Grivel Monte Rosa's are lightweight C1 crampons suitable with a range of 4 season mountain boots.  Superb for winter walking in the UK, a great first pair of crampons and also very good value for money

Grivel G14 New Matic Crampons http://

The Grivel G14 NM's combine the technical performance of forged, vertical frontpoints with the low profile, collapsible frame of the G12 to make a modular and customizable crampon suited to many climbing disciplines.

Climbing Technology Nuptse Evo Classic Crampons http://

The Climbing Technology Nuptse crampons are classic 12 point mountaineering crampons with a universal strap binding. Designed for alpinism, goulottes and mixed climbing.

Climbing Technology Lycan Automatic Crampon http://

The Lycan crampons from Climbing Technology feature very stable and rigid T shaped front points, perfect for tackling steep ice, and a full automatic binding system to fit technical mountain boots

Nortec Trail Mini Crampons http://

The Nortec Trail are lightweight traction devices intended for non-technical snow and ice. Designed primarily for winter trail runners, they are also a great addition to any winter walker's arsenal. 

Grivel G14 CrampoMatic Crampons http://

The Grivel G14 CrampoMatic feature the Crampo-Matic full automatic binding system, with front and rear bales for rapid fixing to compatible mountaineering boots.  Modular front points  are both customisable and replaceable.

Grivel G12 / Air Tech Lite Antiballing plates http://

No Description Available

Climbing Technology Ice Traction Crampon http://

Lightweight, flexible and designed for any footwear, the CT Ice Traction Crampons offer grip and protection on icey or snowy ground. Ideal when you really need some extra grip, but can’t justify full crampons

Grivel Air Tech Lite NewMatic Crampons http://

These lightweight aluminium crampons are designed to be ultra light and compact, perfect for ski tourers. The Grivel AirTech Lite NewMatic Crampons feature a 12 point design with a semi auto rear heel clip. 

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