Climbing Equipment, Outdoor Clothing and Accessory Gear Guides at The Climbers Shop

Our team of climbing and outdoor experts here at The Climbers Shop have written Gear Guides to provide you with detailed information about important purchasing decisions such as which waterproof jacket, rock climbing shoes, walking boots, tent, sleeping bag or (even) camping stove will be right for you.

Gear Guides should contain the answers to any questions you might have when considering a purchase from our online shop but, if you cannot see a Gear Guide relating to the product(s) you are interested in, please contact us via eMail or telephone The Climbers Shop Support Team on : 01539 432 297

The Climbers Shop Gear Guides

We’ve written a selection of gear guides to help you to make the right decision about what outdoor gear to buy. Our gear guides are written from our point of view, and are an opinion only. They are there to provide some advice and guidance on the subject in question but should not necessarily be followed to the letter without further research elsewhere.

Hopefully, the gear guides will prove to be a useful and informative aid to your gear buying.

Select a gear guide from the list below;

Gear Guide Title


Clothing & Equipment Size Charts

Find out what size you need from our major clothing and equipment brands

Waterproof Jackets and Clothing

Gore Vs eVent – what are the benefits?

Rock Climbing Shoes

Improve your rock climbing performance with better fitting shoes


Choosing the right one for you

Sleeping Bags

The things you should know to stay warm at night

Walking Boots

Be safe & avoid those blisters


The essential part of your camping kit

Soft Shell clothing

Adaptable clothing for changeable weather


Fundamental metalwork for any climber

Windproof clothing

What makes it work any better than a fleece?


To make choosing a suitable rope for your needs a bit easier

Ice Axes

Essential kit for the mountaineer


Get a grip

How to Clean & Waterproof Outdoor Gear

A comprehensive guide to looking after your outdoor gear

Down vs Synthetic

Which one suits you better?


Eliminate confusion with our ultimate Jargon-Busters!


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