16/03/2012 11:05:49

Words by tcsh

Winter Season is ending and Spring is beginning!

You could say it’s been yet another unpredictable winter season for us. There were a few days were we got glimpses that we could of been on for a good one, then before we know it, the daffodils are out and the days are getting longer.

So the rock climbing season is now upon us! The air feels fresh, the rock is starting to dry and the sun is very welcoming.

Staff members. Bryan, Helen and Chris have been managing to get out on days off, getting to the likes of the Napes on Gable and Gimmer Crag. here are a few shots from them:

gimmer gimmer2

Bryan on Ash Tree Corner, Gimmer

Helen On ‘D’ Route, Gimmer

napes2 napes

Needle Ridge, Napes

Napes Needle

Here at the shop we have received a lot of new and fresh products in. The new gear from Rab looks great, they never seem to disappoint, and we look forward to getting our hands on some.
Here are some of our recommended products from their range this Spring:




Rab Vapourise Light Jacket

Rab Vapourise Lite Jacket (womens)

Rab Alpine Trek Pant

We have also had some great deals in on climbing gear, so if your rack needs rejuvenating, check these out:




DMM 4CU Cams 
(from £29!)

WC Rock Set 1-8

CT Quikdraw set of 5

And don’t forget these other essentials!



DMM Puma Harness (Womens)

DMM Renegade Harness

Evolv-Defy-Rock-Shoe Montane-Medusa-32-Shadow

Evolv Defy Rockshoe

Montane Medusa 32 rucksack

Check our website out for further deals on clothing and climbing equipment, we have had so much come in!

Here’s to a better summer season than the Winter! If you are visiting the Lakes this Spring, be sure to check out the current bird restrictions that are coming into force on some crags, as it’s caught us out more than a few times!