22/11/2012 15:22:27

Words by tcsh

Winter is on it’s way (we are all hoping!)

The current weather outlook is set to get cold and we are all looking forward to what we hope is a good, cold winter. Have a look at this video full of winter shots that Helen has put together, which we hope will give you a little inspiration for hitting the fells, whether walking or climbing this season.


Bryan is heading up to Scotland next week and taking a pair of the new DMM Apex axes which we now have in stock. So we’ll get a review from him when he’s back! We certainly all look very impressed with them and will be keen to hear how they perform.

Staff Training

Staff members, Helen and Paul recently went over to Lyon Equipment for a course about rope’s, presented by Beal. This also gave us a chance to check out Lyon Equipment’s impressive new headquarters in Tebay. We got a full tour of the place and saw first hand everything that goes on within Lyon Equipment. We were particularly impressed with the size of their canteen and constant supply of tea and cakes! (note: this has been passed onto management)

Fantastic, informative and thought provoking are a few words to describe what the conference was like. The knowledge we were given about ropes by Beal rope guru, Renald, was excellent. The presentation included lectures, demonstrations, and various lab tests. Everything was covered, including:

  • Fall Factors
  • Pulley effects
  • Knots in slings
  • Heat effects on ropes
  • Rope treatments
  • Rope manufacture process
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Dyneema and Nylon
  • Semi-static and dynamic ropes

The results of certain tests were truly quite fascinating and at times, alarming. We spent a bit of time in the Work and Rescue part of the building doing tests on different strength ratings and adding various factors such as putting knots in the slings.

All in all, it was a really great day and thanks to Lyon Equipment and Renald from Beal. We certainly took and learnt a lot from it and we as a shop were really happy to be apart of it.

If you have any queries about ropes, whether you’re starting out and can’t decide what your first rope should be, or you already have summer under the belt but want to know what is best to use for winter, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring, email or pop in the shop for advice.