10/01/2012 12:04:39

Words by tcsh

Winter Climbing 2012 – Bring It On!


Well it’s a new year and we’re all really getting psyched for some winter climbing!

So far, though, its fair to say that the winter has been pretty disappointing.  Temperatures have been much higher than normal and there’s been precious little in the way of snow. We’ve had quite a few wintry storms though and some very high winds, but it just hasn’t stayed cold enough for any length of time (here in the Lake District anyway) to get any climbing in. Its been so warm that we’ve even got Daffodils starting to sprout …in January.

Don’t despair though the winter season is still young and hopefully there’s a couple of cold months yet to come.  We’ve got our fingers crossed for better conditions in the coming weeks.  The forecast is looking promising for colder conditions soon.

If you want to see just how much snow (or if there’s any snow) we’ve got here in the Lakes then check out our webcam http://www.climbers-shop.com/web-cam.aspx . This looks over the Fairfield range from our shop in Ambleside and is usually a good indicator as to what conditions are like throughout the central fells.

Also if you need any new gear for winter climbing then we’ve got everything you’ll need to get out in the snow and ice (and out on the rock too of course) this year, at some sweet prices too. Check out our cracking deals in our Climbing Sale http://www.climbers-shop.com/185/climbing_sale.aspx