14/01/2009 15:20:00

Words by tcsh

Welcome to the Climbers Shop Blog

Well, this is it, we're joining the Blogging generation - welcome to the very first Climbers Shop blog post ... the proto-blog.

This is an opportunity for us to keep you posted on the latest goings-on at The Climbers Shop.
Don't worry, it's not going to be things like what I had for lunch (although if you must know it was a cheese and ham sandwich, and was very nice!). It will be more shop orientated information, like the new hot products that have been delivered, or a pre-warning of a price change, or it could be outdoors related items, such as a quick report on the latest snowfall or ice climbing conditions.

Whatever it is, we'll aim to keep it short and snappy so as not to bore you too much.

Hand in hand with this will be our new version of our News page.
This is where we'll try and bore you ... no, I meant, this is where we'll place more in depth articles such as the one up at the moment telling the world of Mark's Retail Employee of the Year Award 2008 (all bow down..).

Both of these blogs you can subscribe to - just click the subscibe link at the top of the page.

If you have any comments or suggestions of what you'd like to hear about then please email us and we'll try to include them in the future.

Cheers for now, Rich