18/12/2009 16:16:00

Words by tcsh

Weekend Weather - let it snow let it snow...

Snowy MountainsWell, we haven't done this for a while but we thought this week would be a perfect opportunity to resurrect the article as we go into Christmas week and the cold weather has put in an appearance. Have you got a fiver on a white Christmas? You might be quids in if you do!

Friday night should be quite clear which will obviously leave everything pretty much frozen come the morning in Saturday. The cloud will slowly drift in as the day progresses which will bring inevitable snow towards the end of the day and then the potential of persistant snow fall into the night time. Freezing temperatures will be at valley level for most of the day so if you're out on the fells then look out for icy patches and as you get higher then you will probably need crampons and an ice axe. Also be aware that in the wind it could feel as cold as minus 16C (but will actually be about minus 4C).
As the cloud comes in, so the wind will increase as well which could cause blizzard conditions towards the end of the day on the fells so be careful if you are planning a long route so that you don't get caught out by a white out and then get benighted!

Sunday will continue in a similar vane to Saturday evening with mostly complete cloud cover and regular snow showers. The temperature will be similar to Saturday with a subzero measurement accross the board for the fells. As the wind speed will be fairly high (25 -35 mph) there will be a chance of gustiness bringing in sudden snow or hail showers so again, watch out for white outs (always carry a compass).

Essentially, it is looking like a  being a proper wintery weekend so please make sure you are prepared. If you plan on venturing up into the snow on the tops then you will need to take crampons and an axe and most of all, know what you are doing. Remember, if you are in doubt over your competence of what kit then don't go up into the snow, there are plenty of lower level walks available. If you want to know more about the kind of kit that you should be taking then why not pop into the shop and talk to our staff, or give us a call on 01539 432297.

Remember, you can also check our webcam for the latest views up to Fairfield Horseshoe.