22/05/2009 12:58:00

Words by tcsh

Weather for the Bank Holiday Weekend

Bank Holiday WeatherAs everyone gears up a long weekend, the pressure's on for good weather over the next few days. Well, if you're heading to the Lake District for a few days then, then here is the kind of weather you can expect;

A fairly cloudy day throughout the region, although some strong winds will push the clouds across the county allowing for breaks in the coverage to let sunny bursts through. Due to the fairly low cloud cover some rain showers can be expected.

  • Wind Speed: up to 35mph
  • Rainfall: up to 2mm
  • Chance of cloud free Fells: 20%
  • Temp: up to 12C (8C on the Fells)

Likely to be the best day fo the weekend with extensive sunny spells with much less cloud cover throughout the region - the clearest time should be around lunchtime. Wind levels will drop so temperatures will feel significantly higher throughout the whole of the day.

  • Wind Speed: up to 10-15mph
  • Rainfall: not expected
  • Chance of cloud free Fells: 90%
  • Temp: up to 16C (9C on the Fells)

Bank Holiday Monday
The cloud cover is likely to come in a bit more for Monday, although not as thickly and as rain laden as Saturday. Although the general air temperature will remain at a pleasant level, wind will pick up a bit from Sunday meaning that it will feel like a slightly colder day.

  • Wind Speed: up to 15-20mph
  • Rainfall: possibilty a few mm late in the day
  • Chance of cloud free Fells: 60%
  • Temp: up to 15C (10C on the Fells)