12/03/2010 14:48:38

Words by tcsh

VAT Removed For International Customers

For some time now we have been manually removing the VAT from the transactions that come in from Non-EU countries*. This has been because these customers then get charged import tax when their products arrive with them in their country, and therefore are not obligated to pay UK VAT.

This has always been a bit of a ‘work-around’ option and not very well publicised so we have now invested in setting up a more sophisticated and efficient system of getting your VAT removed. Now when you order something from a non EU country, once you have put your address in, the website will remove the tax from your order. In many cases, this saving can add up to the cost of the postage which makes the order seem so much cheaper!

If you have any questions about the system or about tax, then please email us and we will try and help you out.


*Why can you not get the tax taken off for non UK EU countries? Well, as we are all part of the same European monetary union, we are all eligible to pay VAT at purchase. If you order from an EU country you should not get charged import tax, which will probably work out cheaper in the long run.
There are European countries that are not in the EU, like Norway. They would be eligible to get their tax removed.
Understand? Thought so ……