30/04/2009 14:11:00

Words by tcsh

Write a product review for The Climbers Shop and receive a FREE GIFT!


We've just updated the website with some more reviews that you guys have kindly written for us. I'm sure you'll agree that an honest appraisal written by someone who has actually used the product can be really help in making your mind up about whether to buy something or not.

So why not add your own review to the site and get a FREE GIFT for your effort?!

If you've bought something from our site, take a couple of minutes to jot down your thoughts and help make the buying decision easier for someone else. Each review we use will entitle you to a FREE GIFT of;

To get your free gift, just make sure that you include your email address in you review (don't worry, we'll delete it before we post it on the site!)

Take a look at some of the thoughts from other customers;

If you haven't got the time to go to the site to do it, then why not just email us back with your thoughts and we'll put it up for you.