13/09/2010 17:29:24

Words by tcsh

Useful Links Page

As much as we try, you may not find everything you need on our website! Take a look at the following sections to find some useful links to other great outdoor orientated sites.

Brand Links

We stock many brands of climbing equipment, outdoor clothing and walking gear at The Climbers Shop. If you want to get in touch with any of the brands that we stock then take a look at our Brands Links page.

Courses & Training Links

Do you want to learn more about outdoor activities? The find yourself on an appropriate course by looking at our Courses & Training Links page.

Mountaineering Club Links

Find like minded mountaineers near you with the list of clubs on our Mountaineering Club Links page.

Climbing Club Links

If you an expert or a novice, everyone needs someone to go climbing with. Locate a suitable club near you with our Climbing Club Links page.

Fell Running Links

If you’re more likely to be found up a mountain in a pair of tight shorts and a skimpy vest then you will probably be looking for our Fell Running Links page.

General Outdoor Orientated Links

For sites that have a general interest in the outdoors or for a list of outdoor orientated Blogs, head to our Outdoor Orientated Links page.

Lake District Links

As we’re based in the heart of the Lake District, we would be neglecting our roots if we didn’t have a good Lake District Links page.

Gear Repairers

Of course, the gear we sell is of such high quality that you should never need to repair it! However, if the unlikely does happen then you may want to take a look at our list of trusted Gear Repairers

Activities & Holiday Links

You don’t want to just buy the gear and look at it, you’ll want to be getting out there and using it. Take a look at our list of Activity Organisers and Holiday Providers.