30/03/2011 12:00:32

Words by tcsh

Try before you buy on Hoka Footwear

Hoka-Bondi-B-Shoes They are one of the more unique products that we have had in the shop in a while, and they could take some getting used to, but everyone who tries the Hoka One-to-One running shoes finds them to be super comfortable and excellent for support and cushioning, both when training and in events.

In order to give you a chance to get used to them however, we have agreed with Hoka to have a number of test shoes in our Ambleside shop so that you can take them out for a run – for FREE – without any obligation to buy them.

Just pop into the shop and select the size and style you would like and they are yours for a limited time – even if you are just curious. Hoka are confident that, once you try them out, you will be convinced that they are a massive benefit, both on and off road.

A number of the guys have tried them in the shop and we are certainly sold on the idea. Unfortunately, this offer is limited to the shop, and will not be offered on line.

Take a look at the styles we have at our Hoka Homepage or take a look at a customers’ view of them – if you have any questions about them then please feel free to give us a call on 01539 432297 or email us at info@climbers-shop.com