31/07/2009 17:28:00

Words by tcsh

This Weekends Weather

I am getting a distinct feeling of de ja vu today with the weather report - I might aswell tell you to go back and read last weeks blog post. As is the norm at the moment, we are in for a mixture of sunshine and showers over the next couple of days.

Fairfield-1/7/09Saturday: It looks like there is a big front coming through over Friday night which could leave some rain showers behind it into Saturday morning. This should hopefully clear by lunchtime but there will be a risk of the occasional thundery shower for the rest of the day, in particular in the north of the county.
Cloud cover will be pretty much complete or the whole of the day with the wind gusting to 50mph in the morning but dropping in the afternoon to a more manageable 25mph, and you can expect temperatures of around 13-14C in the valleys but around 9-10 on the tops.

Sunday: So in contrast, Sunday will be a much calmer and altogether more pleasant day to be out. The rain should have cleared away leaving breaks in the cloud, lower winds and warmer temperatures. Even on the tops of the fells you should only get around 10-15mph winds and the temps should be around 10C.

Basically, have a lie in on Saturday morning and then get out in the afternoon (I'm going to run the Kentmere Horseshoe). And then enjoy a (hopefully) pleasant Sunday as the rains going to come back on Monday and Tuesday!