24/01/2011 11:31:38

Words by tcsh

These boots are made for moving…

DSC_6800 At the end of last week, we finally made the decision to move our boot room upstairs in the shop. We have been mulling it over for a while now and thought it was about time we gave it a go. So, with a lot of shifting, cajoling and cursing, we managed to find a way to cram the 130+ styles of boots and shoes into the space upstairs.

It became instantly obvious that the white walls upstairs displayed the shoes far better than the wooden walls downstairs so we were very happy with the way it looked. The added advantage is that the camping gear is now downstairs where the boot room used to be. It had been noticed that some people didn’t even realise that we stocked camping gear, and so having it more obviously positioned could only help our camping department. And low and behold, this weekend, a customer asked us “Oh, how long have you stocked camping gear?”. I don’t think the answer was as blunt as “Well, about 50 years!”, but it certainly proved a point about the move-round.

Obviously, if you are after footwear then you will now have to walk all the way upstairs! but we felt that customers wanting footwear will seek it out and, if in doubt, ask. It also give you a slightly more private area to test the boots until your hearts content without passing shoppers gawping at you or feeling like you are pressured.

For a proper look at the change around, take a look at the photos on our facebook page.

We’ll see how it goes, and as always, be open to comments and suggestions from our customers. Therefore, if you have a comment you’d like to make then let us have it at info@climbers-shop.com