24/07/2009 16:36:00

Words by tcsh

The Weekend Weather and a Spot of Advice

Saturday 24th July - FairfieldAnother week of slightly dodgy summer weather rolls by - lots of warm rain. This has prompted a few people to pop into the shop and ask about the breathability of their waterproofs.

If you're out at this time of year, and it's raining, you are often in for a soggy experience, and that's not just because of the rain. The way a breathable waterproof works is by shifting the moisture from the warm humid inside of your jacket, to the normally colder less humid outside. However in weather like we're having, there's often no difference in the humidity and so you end up with a lot of unpleasant condensation on the inside of your jacket. So, if it's happening to you then don't worry, as soon as the humidity drops, your jacket will be back to normal. If in doubt, you could always give it a wash with some Techwash which will clean the pores and allow it every chance to breathe.

Anyway, what can we expect of this weekend? Well, it looks like a weekend of two halves up here in the Lake District. Saturday is most definitely looking like the better day to get out, with no real rain expected and a mostly clear day. As is usual at this time of the year, the cloud may spread as the day goes on but the wind should stay fairly low and temperatures constant at around 15C (9 or 10C on the tops) - a good day for Windermere Air Show!

Sunday on the other hand, could be a different case entirely. A front of rain will spread steadily from the South, becoming quite heavy by mid afternoon. There is a chance that it might die out for the evening, or at least ease back to a more standard Cumbrian drizzle. The wind could play a part as well on Sunday as it will pick up with the front coming in. If you're going out on the fells you could experience some significant buffeting with gusts up to 65mph. As the sun will only be seen occasionally, and with the wind factor, the temperatures will not be particularly high for this time of year at around 11-12C (6 or 7C on the tops).

So, my advice: Get out into the hills on Saturday and then pop into Ambleside on Sunday to enjoy a bit of retail therapy at your favorite Climbing orientated shop.