26/06/2009 16:54:00

Words by tcsh

The Weekend's Weather - watch out for that thunder!

I'll group the two days together this week as I think the story will be the same for both days. Essentially, it looks like it will be a mixed bag this weekend.

Although there are going to be definite periods of sunshine, which will feel quite warm at times, especially on Sunday, there will also be a continual risk of showers throughout the weekend. Unlike the blanket cloud and steady rain that the south of the UK we will be more likely to experience bursts of heavy thundery showers - so I'd always have an umbrella or waterproof within reach if I were you.

In respect to the wind and temperature, it's looking like it should be quite a calm couple of days, with a maximum wind speed of around 15mph coming from the southeast and temperatures of around 15C on the tops and up to 20C at valley level.

Still worth getting out but you'll need some spare clothes and to watch the clouds coming in on you, and count yourself lucky that you're not getting wet through in a muddy field in Somerset!