15/07/2009 09:13:00

Words by tcsh

The Record Attempt Comes To An End

We've received some unfortunate news this morning, as of 7.30 last night, Mark called it a day on his South West Coast Path record attempt.

As we've not spoken to him yet, we have not got the full story but he has cited bad weather and fatigue as the contributing factors. It may be the case that the enforced early mornings caused by the unfortunately timed weather windows has meant that he has just not rested enough to give him the reserves of energy needed to pull 50 miles out of the bag on a daily basis - I blame the fish and chips, must have weighed him down!

He's in good spirits and still has the passion for adventure, it's just that he obviously considers that there is no point in going on if he feels that he will not make the distance.

What he has accomplished is an amazing feat and deserves a huge deal of respect. Once again, thankyou for all the messages of good will. When he gets back we'll show them all to him.

Well done Mark