11/08/2010 10:11:47

Words by tcsh

The Climbers Shop Glossary

When we write our product descriptions, we try and make them as easy to read as possible but at times we may use terms or phrases that are a bit ‘techie’ or appear to be outdoor gear jargon. Never fear however, we have now written a pretty comprehensive Glossary or Jargon Buster to help you if you are confused.

Just click on the category below to take you to the right glossary;


Do you know your nuts from your hexes? or the difference between a double rope and a twin rope? Found out more with our Climbing Glossary


Confused by all the different fabrics and brand names? Eliminate that confusion with our Outdoor Clothing Glossary


Don’t let buying boots boggle your brains, get the right terminology with our Outdoor Footwear Glossary

Outdoor Equipment

Don’t be put off by all the gadgets and gizmo’s, get the inside info with our Outdoor Equipment Glossary


If you feel that there is a term that it missing from the list then why not email us with it and we will be happy to add it in for you.

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