20/03/2009 11:39:00

Words by tcsh

Spring Special Offers

Well, I don't know if it is the recent spring like weather or whether Lawrence, our buyer is just feeling generous but we seem to have gone deal crazy all of a sudden at The Climbers Shop.

Those sharp eyed amongst you will probably have already spotted some of the 'Special Offers' on the Homepage, but for those of you that haven't then here's a quick run down.

  • With Summer fast approaching, a lot of you will start to think about camping again andso we have managed to get a bunch of our old favorites, the Exped Down Mats in, at a great reduced price. We have the 9cm versions for £70, instead of £105 and the Delux versions for £85, instead of £125. What's more, these are the cPetzl Luna Harnessurrent models with the new improved pump system!
  • And the good weather also means summer climbing, so we haven't forgotten about you climbers.
    We've got the Petzl Adjama harness at 1/3 off and womens version, the Luna harnesses at a whopping 1/2 price! Only £30!
  • We've also got some great deals on hardwear, the Faders Quickdraw and HMS both 1/3 off and the DMM Zodiac and Fat Boy biners over 40% OFF!

So, if you're looking at a way to get some outdoor gear without breaking the bank this Spring then stick with us, we'll see what else we can get out of Lawrence!