10/04/2013 11:47:48

Words by tcsh

Spring has Sprung! ..Please be aware of nesting restrictions on the crags

Nesting restrictions are now coming into force on many of the popular Lake District crags.  Please if you are out climbing, observe all restrictions

Below is the statement from the FRCC:

Bird restrictions in the Lake District are agreed annually between representatives of the Lake District National Park Authority, the Cumbria Raptor Study Group, Natural England, The British Mountaineering Council and the FRCC.

The BMC is responsible for publicity, and the LDNPA for the erection of signs as well as dealing with issues as the season progresses.

Access & Conservation explains the reasons for the restrictions, how they are decided upon, and gives advice to climbers on what to do if they discover that protected birds are nesting on the crag they are visiting.

Please help maintain access by observing these voluntary Bird Restrictions.

In addition a few other restrictions have been listed, where noted these are voluntary, others are at the whim of the land-owner. In all cases negotiations have been made by the Lake District BMC Area Committee and have either resulted in compromise or stalemate.

These restrictions do work: despite adverse weather, many of the protected sites successfully reared chicks last year. As a result of the co-operation of climbers over the years, restrictions on many of the more popular low level crags have been lifted "unless the birds nest" - this is excellent news for climbers, so please continue to support the restrictions. But please also note, that where a crag is unrestricted this does not mean an automatic right to climb. If you suspect that there is a peregrine nesting on a crag, and it is obviously alarmed by your presence, then you should not climb there. Indeed, if you are aware of birds nesting elsewhere, please telephone National Park Ranger Peter Barron on 017687 79633 or email him at pete.barron@lakedistrict.gov.uk.
If you have any urgent comments on the current restrictions then please email them to the
FRCC Guidebook Editor. All such comments should also be emailed to the BMC.

To check the latest access information nationwide: