13/07/2009 10:02:00

Words by tcsh

South West Coast Path Mission - Update 3

Like many outdoor activites, ultra distance running can be very weather dependant, always looking for the break in the storm, or the predicted fine period that will enable you to get a good few miles under your belt. Well that's exactly what this weekend has thrown up.

Looking ahead at the weather for sunday revealed a depressing prospect, a whole day of rain in the south west. The only break was in the middle of the night. After giving it some thought, Mark elected not to take this early start, favouring instead the benefit of a rest and a good nights sleep. The thing about a 'good' nights sleep is that it's only good if you actually get some sleep! At 2.30am on Sunday morning, with most of his gear (and him) soaked through, Mark decided that the early start was looking more appealing and so packed up and got on the move.

And so, after an early start, Mark managed to get another 43 miles along the path (still on target) to Dizzard Point, he was much drier and in fact is now sunburnt - fickle British weather!

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SWCP Record Attempt - Day 1 from tomo thompson on Vimeo.