14/07/2009 11:43:00

Words by tcsh

Record Breakers - Day 4

Mark at Watergate Bay (or somewhere near)Today's info comes via the Mark Barnes SWCP Record Attempt Support Team .... otherwise named Mrs Barnes! Elizabeth met up with Mark at the end of an enormous 64 mile day. As predicted, he reached Watergate Bay by the end of yesterday and was accompanied on the last couple of miles of it by Elizabeth and kids.

(Left: Mark sporting a bit of quality GoLite gear)

It seems somehow wrong that Marks family should be able to keep up with him when he is such a finely tuned athlete! But of course, when you're going 650 miles, almost non stop, you cannot travel quickly, if you did then you wouldn't last more than the first day. The true epic task that Mark is faced with is the prospect of just keeping going for such a length of time. No matter how he feels, he must complete around 45 miles a day to stay on track.

Weather for Day 4Anyway, as a pick-me-up Elizabeth treated him to fish and chips on the beach while his youngest built sand castles (I told him he was going on a beach holiday!) As they had got there earlier, his fanily had also managed to find him a good site to camp so that he didn't waste too much time and energy on that.

Today is looking a bit ropey on the weather front, like most of the country, there are going to be some heavy showers but there will also be some fairly strong south-south-westerlies which, on the stretch of coast that Mark's on at the moment mean that he's going to be fighting the wind a bit. Well.... it's all character building!

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