11/01/2010 09:19:00

Words by tcsh

Quick report on the conditions....

Wetherlam in the SnowThe following was emailed in by Joe, our Manager and I thought it might interest you if you're thinking of heading up into the fells;

"...Up early and did North and South gulley (the two gullies on Hen Crag on the back of Wetherlam). Very very powdery - like trudging through sugar no consolodation in the gully at all. Not many pictures as I dropped the camera on the ascent and recovered in the walk out! Doh! Weather dry but very very windy - spindrift everywhere...
However, The grade 4 waterfall on the right of Tilberthwaite gulley as you look up the gulley looks fantastic - way beyond my ability but Bry/Steve/Shaun/Mick might like a punt. Can't remeber its name but as a structure it looks fab. Also there was ice forming on the some of the side routes to where we were today...

As a coincidental addition, Nick and I were up on Wetherlam (via Lad Stones) over the weekend and the conditions were perfect - the snow was consolidated and crunchy and on the summit most of the spindrift had been blown clear which made walking much easier. In general, as Joe found, it looks like the tough conditions are to be found in the gullies where the powder is collecting. Ridges tend to be a bit more packed making negotiating them easier. Bry and Helen were up in Scotland for the past week so we will hopefully get a report from them as well.

(Post edit: The temperatures have risen over the last 24 hours and it's starting to sleet today. It should still be falling as snow higher up but the ground level snow is definitely melting. If this continues it might mean that we get a bit more freeze/thaw action in those gullies which could bring them more into condition - at the moment, your best bet is to head up the south easterly facing ones as these are currently facing the wind and will be a bit more scoured)