24/05/2012 10:00:31

Words by tcsh

Product Review: DMM Migrant Half Ropes

All the staff here were very much looking forward to the new range of ropes DMM were brining out and it wasn’t hard to see why after just a few hours using them. Rob Greenwood and Chris Rowlands from DMM came out with the staff for some product testing down Langdale. All of it lived up to the high standards that DMM have always had. But it was the ropes in particular I was most looking forward to using.

They’ve just spent a few days back on their home turf down in North Wales with myself and Bryan. First thing I noticed was the handling qualities of them, they felt supple, reassuring and overall, just nice. I had to feel I had confidence in them, especially when Bryan wanted to get on Left Wall at the Cromlech. After cruising up the majority of the route, Bryan got up to where you could either carry on with the Left hand finish at E2 or opt for the E3 finish straight up. Bryan opted for the latter, but after a few moves in, he didn't quite make it to a hold and came off. Being reasonably skinny at 8.2mm, I was a bit weary of how well they would hold (hoping they wouldn't be too slick) but they were exceptional and held really well, so that box was well and truly ticked. Bryan decided to carry on with the E2 finish and flew up the rest.

Overall, they’ve had a good initial testing and we’re looking forward to see how they perform in winter.  But I feel these ropes will stand the test of time, whether spring cragging in the Lakes, Summer Alpinism or a gruelling Scottish Winter. They’re lightweight and seem built to last and have amazing handling abilities. The Migrant are ropes I have full confidence in and would highly recommend.

Available in 50m or 60m lengths, being in DMM’s ‘Pro’ range, they have been designed to handle more abuse from the climber themselves or even the environment, along with having the additional dry treatment too.

Please visit our website for full product information and DMM’s highly informative site too:

Look out for further product reviews from staff members in the near future!


DMM Migrant’s in action on Dinas Cromlech…

DSCF4227 DSCF4234
Sabre Cut – VS 4C Left Wall – E2 5C