22/06/2010 10:01:21

Words by tcsh

Odlo Underwear

Over the last couple of seasons we have noticed a definite change in the base layer scene. Traditionally, base layers are very simple, slightly airy synthetic or merino tee shirts, yet the trend now seems to be to go towards tight fitting tops with dynamic body panelling. Last year saw the introduction to www.climbers-shop.com of the X-Bionic range, possibly the most technologically advanced ranges of underwear ever made (you need a dictionary to understand the box!).

Technical Wear

This year we would like to introduce Odlo which utilises some of the same type of technology that X-Bionic use whereby the clothing is panelled to reflect the different needs of your body. Take a look at the Evo LT Long Sleeved Crew to see that Odlo have taken the areas that require more protection from the elements are insulated them more heavily whereas those warm areas are made super breathable for when you’re working hard.

The Womens Evo LT Crew shows where Odlo have used those panels to hug the body in key areas. These areas are held tightly to aid muscle movement and reduce fatigue. The theory being that the less you muscles shake, the less quickly they tire. The compression panels also hold the garment closer to the skin which enables a greater wicking rate to keep the body more comfortable.

Tech Tees

But of course, not everyone needs super skin tight body panelled clothing, sometimes you just need a good breathable tee, and Odlo can provide these too. Just because it looks simple, it doesn’t mean that it’s not technologically advanced – all Odlo garments, like the Cubic SS Crew, benefit from the addition of effect technology, which is Odlo’s way of impregnating the fabrics with silver fibres. This silver has naturally antibacterial properties that stops the garment from attracting nasty smelling bacteria and therefore you can use these items on consecutive days without … causing you to lose friends!

Used in garments such the George tee is a dual surface 'Just One' fabric, which has a high climate-regulating effect. This makes it particularly suitable for warm temperatures. The dual-surface weave optimises moisture management and the structured inner side doesn't stick to the skin. The surface structure on the outer side also improves evaporation.

All in all, the Odlo range offers a very good level of technical tees, underwear, and running gear. If you’re after an advanced, modern piece of clothing for active use, or just need a wicking tee for a day on the hill then Odlo seem to have something to suit. Featuring the latest technology but blending it subtly into understated looking garments, we predict good things for Odlo and will be interested to see how well they are received by you, our customers this year.