07/07/2011 15:13:13

Words by tcsh

New Salomon Hydration Pack for Summer 2012 Revealed


Salomon have allowed us a sneaky peak at their new running pack that we’ll be stocking from next Spring.  The Salomon XA Skin Pro 16 + 4 takes inspiration from their current range of specialist running packs such as the XT Advanced Skin 5 and features a stable, limpet like fit, numerous bottle pockets and stowage options, and a tailor made hydration system is also included.  The pack also has an expansion zip that expands its internal volume from 16 litres up to 20.  This makes the pack great for endurance running events such as the Montane Lakeland 100, the Hardmoors 100 or the Ultra Marathon Du Mont Blanc.

XA-Skin-Pro XA-Skin-Pro-harness XA-Skin-Pro-frontXA-Skin-Pro-Side

The XA Skin Pro Pack has a really novel design, being somewhere between a conventional rucksack and a piece of clothing.  The ‘waistcoat’ design offers superb comfort and amazing stability when running with it loaded.  The front is secured by a innovative stretchy strap system that is secured across the chest and abdomen.  The straps clips into a plastic rail on the left shoulder strap, doing away with regular clips to save weight.  There are also twin bottle / energy gel pockets up front on the shoulder straps and stretchy wand pocket on the pack itself, giving you loads of storage options for your gear. 

There is a small zipped compartment on the rear of the pack and the main compartment is expandable via a zipped bellows section.  This allows you to tailor the capacity of the pack to the activity you’re doing. 

The Salomon XA Skin Pro 16 + 4 is a very cool little pack and is super stable when loaded, but it certainly won’t suit everyone – this really is a piece specifically focused towards the endurance trail runner and adventure racer.  That said, more and more people are turning to trail and endurance running as their sport of choice, and Salomon are very much at the forefront of that trend.  We think they’ve produced an exceptional little pack here and think that it’ll really appeal to Salomon’s core running market.