14/03/2010 11:25:00

Words by tcsh

New Haglofs & Hilleberg In Stock



As we approach the Spring season, we are starting to take delivery of the new 2010 stock. We’ve started off this year with a couple of our most popular brands, Haglofs and Hilleberg.

In our first delivery from Haglofs this year, we have opted for some ‘cross-over’ pieces that could be equally useful in the winter as they could in the summer. Amongst them are some great lightweight fleece items such as the Twice Jackets and the women’s Treble Hoody’s. Designed to be a comfortable but effective midlayers, both items are also good looking pieces. The main difference between the two is that the Twice uses standard fleece construction whereas the Treble features the ribbed fleece material that has become popular lately in high activity garments.

One completely new product for 2010 is the Lizard Top, a super lightweight softshell jacket for the summer months. This really is a jacket for the active person. Without a wind stopping membrane, the material is allowed to breathe more efficiently so you don’t get clammy in the warmer months. It’s natural tight weave however should keep most of the weather at bay … and if it really tips it down then you should be wearing a waterproof anyway! What really impresses me about the Lizard Top is the stretch of the jacket. The 4 way stretch of Haglofs’ ‘Flexible’ fabric mean that you can buy it well fitted but still be super comfortable as the jacket moves and flexes with your body.
As with most Haglofs gear the fit is a fitted one but it tends to be fairly accurate in my experience – although you might find the sleeves to be a bit on the long side.

This year from Hilleberg we are trying to stock as wide a range as possible, so we have recently taken delivery of a whole load of models that we didn’t have last year, including the Kerons. Although the designs haven’t really changed this year, there has been a fairly hefty price increase which we have been forced to pass on to some extent to our selling prices (sorry). Any tent brought in this year (like the Kerons) will therefore seem more expensive, however our prices will still be as competitive as we can make them compared to everyone else. The good news however is that we still have a reasonable amount of stock of the 2009 models which are in some cases massively cheaper (we are selling the Nallo 4 GT for £567 whereas the new retail price is £745!).

So, if you’re thinking of getting yourself a tent this year then the advice would be to get in there quick while we still have stock at 2009 prices.

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