06/04/2011 16:48:19

Words by tcsh

New Berghaus Asgard Range In Stock

After a bit of a break from stocking Berghaus at The Climbers Shop, we have joined forces with them again to launch the new Mount Asgard Extreme range. Developed with the help of sponsored climber Leo Houlding, Berghaus have designed a range of outdoor gear that can stand up to the rigours of climbing Mount Asgard.

A 2,011 metre high hulk of granite inside the Arctic circle, 60 miles away from civilisation. Baffin Island’s Mount Asgard is one of the most unforgiving mountains in the world and its north face is one of the most perilous.

The range is both extremely weather resistant, in order to cope with the changeable conditions found ion Baffin Island, and also very light weight in order to minimise the load on Leos’ gear when climbing. But of course, you don’t need to be a pro climber in one of the most remote places on earth to warrant using the Asgard range. Thanks to it’s clever design and innovative features, it makes climbing and mountaineering in the UK or Europe a more comfortable task as well.

Berghaus-Asgard-Jkt-Helmet The flagship piece is the Asgard Proshell Jacket, a super lightweight, three layer Proshell Goretex jacket- light weight but incredibly functional. As with all the range, there is no excess of features n the Asgard. Cutting weight has been key, so if you like your pockets generous, and your jackets roomy then the Asgard range is not for you. If you want performance from your clothing without weighting you down then this new Berghaus range is aimed squarely at you.

Here at the Climbers Shop we pride ourselves in stocking the best kit for mountainous activities, and with the Asgard range, Berghaus have firmly set their marker.

If you have any questions about the range and especially if you have any feedback about it then please feel free to get in touch with us at info@climbers-shop.com or on 015394 30122