02/06/2010 10:40:00

Words by tcsh

Massive Price Reductions on Top Brand Rock Shoes

This month we're having a bit of a clearout with our rock climbing shoes.  We've got 25% off some of our most popular shoes from top brands like Five Ten, Scarpa, La Sportiva and Red Chili.  To check out these bargains go to http://www.climbers-shop.com/696/climbing_shoe_sale.aspx

Heres an example of some the bargains to be had:

The La Sportiva Katana, a high performance shoe with an aggressive asymetric fit offering exceptional precision and comfort RRP £100, Now £75

5.10 V MilesThe Five Ten V-Mile is a great shoe for big multi pich routes where comfort is paramount RRP £80, Now £60

The Red Chili Spirit Lady is a womens shoe with a velcro closure, making them a great choice for cragging and indoor walls RRP £80, Now £60