13/07/2009 14:46:00

Words by tcsh

Mark's Starting Early Again

Mawgan Porth - Todays DestinationWell after Mark's inforced early start yesterday, it looks like he has decided to repeat the excercise today. Having finished his sections early yesterday (see previous post) and therefore getiing his head down early, he got up bright and early this morning and got going - I say 'morning', I think it has to be at least a little bit light to be really classed as morning, not 00.30!

You could attribute this early start to the fact that he'd got his requisit hours of sleep but Tomo on his blog has speculated (and I agree) that there may be an alterior motive. The end of todays stretch will see Mark reaching Mawgan Porth, where his wife will be waiting for him. Like all good wives, she is the provider of clean undies! and so Mark is not just running against the record today, he has his own personal reasons to make the 54 miles to Mawgan Porth today.

In response to the deluge that Mark experienced yesterday, he is also investing in a pair of Sealskinz Ultra Light socks, in a small attempt to keep his feet dry. When you and I run, it doesn't matter too much if you get wet feet but when you're running 45 miles for a fortnight it can really take its toll so he needs to make sure he looks after his feet from the outset.

Thanks to those who have sent messages of support to , I will make sure he gets them all, and if you want to send your own then just email us at the shop.

 More updates tomorrow here and on Twitter.