17/07/2012 10:55:30

Words by tcsh

Mail Delays During the London Olympics

Although this won’t be news to many, there seems to be some sort of sporting event in London going on in the coming weeks.


With the Olympics going in London there will inevitably be some postal disruption within the Capital from mid July to early September.  This will particularly effect our Parcelforce deliveries to areas with Olympic sites.  This is because Parcelforce is not an official ‘Olympic Partner’ and it is only UPS (THE official Olympic Logistics Partner) that are allowed to deliver within these postcodes (how very sporting!).  Parcels sent via Parcelforce will still get through, but due to the added administration and security checks there will be some delays.  Hopefully no more than 24 hrs though.

There may also be delays with our Royal Mail parcels too, but hopefully these will be less effected than with Parcelforce as Royal Mail have put in a lot of extra resources to make sure delays are kept to a minimum.

Basically if you live in the London area then we apologise for any delays to your orders in the next few weeks, but blame Seb Coe!!