16/09/2009 14:58:00

Words by tcsh

Lukas Meindl Comes To Town

Lukas MeindlThis week saw a flying visit to Ambleside by the Lukas Meindl, the current head of the very successful footwear company, Meindl. As the 11th generation of shoemakers, Lukas and Lars Meindl co-run the company under the family name, as it has been for the past 300 years.

As Meindl has such a long heritage, Lukas had much to say about the history of some of their decisions as well as taking us through the progression of technologies that have lead to the current state of technically advanced outdoor footwear. As a Director you could be excused for thinking that he may be out of touch with the details of boot design and construction, but it was clear that the passion for boots that led his ancestors to start cobbling still runs through Lukas with the same force.

Far from looking into the past the whole time, he was happy to discuss the future of Meindl footwear and unveiled a new style of footbed (insole), that will soon be rolled out into the range, which offers better cushioning and support. He also fielded a range of questions from interested retail employees about the future of the brand (although he didn't disclose anything particularly controversial).

Its good to see that the individuals behind companies that we are passionate about are still passionate about their own products and still looking to improve. Lets hope Lukas is able to bring us more quality footwear in the future.