In 1959 Frank Davies opened The Climber's Shop - the first outdoor shop in Ambleside! For over half a century The Climbers Shop remains in the centre of Ambleside and is a focal point for many climbers, walkers and holiday makers wanting to kit themselves out for the outdoor lifestyle.

Our ranges are constantly changing to meet the needs of the modern outdoor enthusiast and include clothing from Rab, Salomon, Patagonia and Mountain Equipment and Mammut and equipment from the likes of Black Diamond, Petzl, Osprey, Edelrid, and Wild Country. Our footwear comes from companies such as Salomon, Scarpa, Meindl and Zamberlan, while our tent range is possibly the largest range of Hilleberg tents in the country.
If we don't stock what you want, we can also order it in, normally in just a few days.

Our highly experienced staff have the in depth knowledge to help you with any enquiry. We have experts in every type of mountain activity and for all seasons on our staff, from mountaineering to rock climbing, fell running to backpacking and every variant in between. Our team are on hand to provide you with the right advice and the right gear to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

As an independent store we are able to offer a far wider range of clothing, equipment and accessories than you will find in any of the bigger chain stores.

Although our roots are in the Lake District we have the stock and the expertise to equip you for any type of adventure in any type of wild environment around the world. If you don’t find the advice or the item you need on this website, please don’t hesitate to call us up for a chat.

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Compston CornerAmbleside Cumbria LA22 9DS

International School of Mountaineering

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