12/11/2010 09:58:24

Words by tcsh

Have a face-to-face with The Climbers Shop

skype As part of our ongoing attempts to make the buying experience of our customers easier, we have added a Skype account to the communication methods that can be used to contact us. The Climbers Shop have a hard earned reputation for offering top quality advice from our experienced and well trained staff, a factor that sees people regularly phoning or popping in to the shop to grill our staff for information. The addition of a Skype account will allow our customers to ‘video call’ us and have a face-to-face conversation with a real member of staff.

The benefit of using the video call feature will be that a customer will be able to actually see the item in question and the member of staff will be able to show off the key features, similar to what would happen in the shop.

Other benefits to contacting us via a video call are if you are enquiring about an item you have already, and need some help with, or if you have a faulty product that you need our opinion on, we would be able to see it and advise you more appropriately.

Of course, if you do not feel like putting yourself of camera, then you can always call us using Skype, but without your webcam on, it would still benefit from being cheaper than using a phone.

The use of the Skype channel is currently in a trial period, and so, in order to ensure that you get a reply, calls should be previously arranged via email. Just drop us an email at info@climbers-shop.com, letting us know what you would like to discuss and what time you would like to call, and we will make sure a member of staff is free to speak to you. Of course, you can just call, as the channel will be permanently open, however if you do not pre-arrange the call, then we cannot guarantee that there will be someone at the terminal at the time.

To call us on Skype, just search the Skype directory for climbers-shop, and we should appear on the list.


If you have any comments or questions about using Skype then please drop us an email or give us a call on 015394 30121.

See you soon!