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Gear Repairer Links

In the unlikely event that something you get from us actually needs repairing, you will want to make sure it is done properly.

Getting your gear repaired under warranty

If the product is relatively new or pretty unused then the first thing to do would be to contact us as it may still be under warranty. This could mean that you would get it repaired for free by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, there is not a defined period of time that the warranty lasts for as it all depends on the amount of use it has had – this is what a lifetime warranty is, it is not your lifetime but the expected lifetime of the product.

For example, the expected lifetime for a pair of crampons is distinctly longer than that of a pair of sandals. You could therefore probably still claim for a faulty pair of crampons after a the sandals warranty was well past it. The only exception is in the situation where an item is hardly used. If you were an avid mountaineer and used the crampons almost everyday throughout the winter as well as taking them on 3 alpine trips in the summer then they would wear away a lot quicker. On the flip side, if you only wore your sandals once a year when you went away for a weekend in the sun then they would stay in warranty much longer.

Make sense? No, it often doesn’t. If in any doubt, drop us an email or give us call on 015394 30121

Professional Gear Repairers

If your gear is not covered under the warranty then these companies should be able to help you out by repairing it for a small charge. If they can’t then you’ll just have to come back to us and get some new stuff!

Tundra Repairs

Gore-Tex and Outdoor Gear Repairs

Lancashire Sports Repairs

Tent, GORE-TEX® and Walking Boot Repairs

Mountaineering Designs

Down upgrading, reconditioning and regenerating services for professional and high spec outdoor and thermal equipment.

Pennine Outdoor

Providers of outdoor fabrics etc, if you wanted to attempt your own repairs.

Scottish Mountain Gear

Repairers of all forms of outdoor fabric, from fleece to caravan awnings!

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